What you’ve done for me

You’d think I wouldn’t know
What you’ve been going through

The way you never stop
Working all day too

Feeding and clothing me
Teaching me who to be

Building me and changing me
Moulding my personality

You tell me what is right
Keep me from doing the wrong

You show me the correct way
The path that I belong

And sooner or later
I realise

Your getting me ready
To live on my own

I am grown up
But never will I leave

I will be by your side
With that I’m sure you’re pleased

Not an ounce of blessings
That you have taught me will be wasted

My parents I owe you a lot
May you always feel lifted

You’ve given me high hopes
On what the future holds

Just because I’m independent
Doesn’t mean I won’t be home

When you need some help
Or a trip to the mall

I’ll be coming around
With every single call

Like the supergirl you raised
I’ll never let you down

May Allaah keep you both
Always safe and sound ©


Written by Tj Johura

Power to the Peaceful

[No printouts or copies or publications of this poem may be made without permission first]

Simple Food: Mini Pizza

Haaallo Folks! And welcome to yet another blog post on eating easy to make yummy scrummy food.

Today I will be showing you how to bake yourself mini pizzas which tastes great but minus the hard work and energy

1) Buy a pack of ‘buns’ or ‘Bread rolls’

You can also buy the smaller ones, i like the sainsburys one, this is the first time I tried these long hot doggish ones, they don't keep the sauce in well, don't recommend these, I think these were from co ops or something...

You can also buy the smaller ones, i like the ainsburys one, this is the first time I tried these long hot doggish ones, they don’t keep the sauce in well, don’t reccomend these, I think these were from co ops or something…

2) Take them out and cut in half MILLIONDOLLARROCK1


Either make your own pizza sauce with puree or buy a tomato sauce, I like the bolognaise one, but any tomato based one will do, this ones the only one I could find in my house =(

Either make your own pizza sauce with puree or buy a tomato sauce, I like the bolognaise one, but any tomato based one will do, this ones the only one I could find in my house =(


Slice tomatoes chunks (optional)I chose not to include this

Slice tomatoes chunks (optional)
I chose not to include this

5) Spread some sauce as a base

6) Sprinkle cheese over either sliced or grated. Milliondollarrock1 Milliondollarrock1

7) Leave under hot grill until golden brown1364152748098

8) Eat straight away with a nice hot cuppa tea,



Power to the Peaceful


February Favourites [2013]

Hey guyss, heres a very late February Favourites =) Please do enjoy, if you like what you read, you can request next months, or request similar posts for the future, please don’t forget to LIKE and COMMENT, enjoy =D

Sooooooooooooooo in no particular order, here are the products that have been used by me myselfand I, throughout February!

1) L.A Colours Jumbo Eye Pencil – This was a great buy, I didn’t expect this to be as great, but when used as a base for the eye it intensifies even the light shades on my palette which I rarely used as I have hyper pigmentation on my eyes, but now I can try our even the lighter shades which usually get hardly any usuage. Initially it reminded me of the NYX Jumbo pencil (which is very difficult to find here in the UK) but I didn’t think it would be as good really, I was really surprised. Also another bonus is, it really works well to keep your eyeshadow in place and helps with the longivity of the product, since I don’t use a primer on my eyelids and my eyelids are oily at times, there is a tentency for eye makeup to crease, which is totally eww, so I’m glad I’ve discovered this one =D

Colour: Sea Shells

Colour: Sea Shells

2) Sleek Blush By 3 Palette in Pink Sprint (which includes the colours Pink Parfait/Pink Ice/Pinktini) – So intense and sooo well pigmented, a little goes a long way, I doubt I’ll be needing to buy blush ever again, this will last me a whole lotta time, also its very compact and so can be carried with you everywhere. The slightest bit of colours gives a nice flushed natural blush look. There are also other colours available. I actually went in to get the red flame, however, unfortunately my store did not sell that palette =(

Pink Sprint

Pink Sprint

3) Borjois Kohl & Contour Eye Pencil – Very smooth, I use it on my waterline and it is in intense black and it looks great, even with one swipe. I love the fact that you can smudge it using a small eyeliner brush and create a smokey eye instantly!



4) Rimmel London Exxagerate Lip Liner  in Epic [045] this colour is really great, it makes a small and subtle difference to my lip colour but I just love how creamy it feels and how matte it looks, just great!


Epic - 045

Epic – 045

5) MUA Undressed Palette – This month I’ve been into the natural Nuetral look, I thought I’d give this palette a try since I’ve heard good things about it,I absolutely love this palette, its perfect for everyday make up and also a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  It’s so easy to create lot’s of defferent neutral looks with this and is handy for work make up.

MUA - In Undressed

MUA – In Undressed

6) Magi-Length Mascara by Collection 2000 (now known as Collection) / Define-A-Lash by Maybelline – I really enjoyed combining these two and creating lengthy lashes, the formula helped lightly coat them, and each one is made with seprate bristles on the wand which meant my lashes didn’t clump together. Theres nothing more annoying than spider lashes =P

7) Garnier BB Cream – Although my first impressions of this product were not that great, I have learnt to like it much more recently. Hectiv work mornings meant I could swipe on some BB cream, powder over the top with a pressed powder or loose powder and I was good to go.  I have dry skin so this helps keep my face moisturised all day.

In Fair/Light

In Fair/Light


So this is the end of a very small February Favourites, hope to have a longer and more interesting edition next month, let me know what you think,

Power to the Peaceful


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