About Us

Soooooooo the begginning to this page is LOOONG OVERDUEEE! (and it doesn’t help that facebook is distracting me even further)

Most blogs are run by one person or a company, but this blog is run by two of us, which is double great and double the fun!

We’re new to blogging, but we’re slowly getting the hang of it and love to blog all the time. As you can probably tell, browsing our site we love to discuss many different topics. We’re unique because we’re into a range of stuff and not stuck to one precise target subject!

This is great because we get various people from various ends of the world visiting us and that’s great to know. If theres anything you’d like us to add on, you should comment and let us know, our main aim is to cater to what you would like! https://www.facebook.com/tiatj.mdr?fref=ts You can check out our blog views on our facebook page =)

So enough about the blog, lets talk about us:

We are TJ and Tia and we’re sisters and Best Freinds (most of the time lol). I (Tj) am a secondary School Teacher and Tia is currently studying at Secondary School. We both love Fashion/Art/Photography/Sport/Writing and soooo much more.

We’re currently planning to make our own Youtube Channel so hopefully you can all see us in action on our Vlogs!

Tias main aim in life is to distract me from doing anything valuable. My main aim in life atm is to find my cat that I lost 3 weeks ago, visit our PurinaOne page to see him or CatsProtections facebook page! Oh and that reminds me we are animal lovers for life!!!!!! Especially Birds, Fishes, Cats, Horses and Rabbits (and Tia forced me to write butterflies)

Oh yeah, a random thing we like to do is smile at strangers, smiling can make a persons day, so smile!

That’s enough for now, we’ll consider updating this page soon!

Bye for now =)






4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello, I think this page is not finished! 🙂 Insert a photograph of yourself and tell us something about you. Thank you for being my 100th “like” on the post about “Bloggers Helping Bloggers”. I like the design of your blog very much. It is a happy, “candy cane” kind of place.

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