In Your Dreams


Ask me to do everything,
I oblige,
But my heart,
It says No,

Gimme all your money now,
Or I’ll hit you where it’ll hurt,
Gimme all you own little boy,
Before I merk you in the dirt,

Yes, Yes, Yes, I repeat,
While I empty all my pockets,
In your dreams,
Whispers my mind,
In your dreams,

Gimme all your lunch now,
I’m hungry, I wanna eat,
He grabbed me by the neck,
Before I could escape on my feet,

School bully

Yes, yes, yes I repeat,
While I empty my lunchbox,
In your dreams,
Whispers my body,
In your dreams,

Gimme all you answers,
I don’t wanna revise,
Tell me everything you know,
Before the sun comes to rise,

Yes, yes, yes I repeat,
While I pass him all my notes,
I’ll give you everything you need,
And tell you what you need to know,

In your dreams,
Whispers my soul,

But this isn’t a dream I reply,
Because this is real life,

It’s been taken away,
By a coward,
Who doesn’t know,
How to live his life,
Or let somebody else grow,

But this has got to end,
And I’m here to let you know,
Don’t tell me what to do fool,
Because I’ve learnt to say NO!

No to Bullying

TJ and Tia

TTYLXOX – Power To The Peaceful


To Fail or To Succeed?

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed” – Theodore Roosevelt


This quote really makes a student think, it’s great because it pushes you to never give up, So which one will it be? Success over failure? I hope so.


Power To The Peaceful

Questioning Pain

A cloak of darkness,
Overcomes me,
A sleeve of fear,
Whispers beneath me,
I’m in pain,
But can you hear me?

Isolated dreams,
In my Imaginations,
Suicidal thoughts,
Taunt me,
Beckoning me,
To listen,
But do you care?


My friends and family,
Are besides me,
An ocean of distress,
Surrounds me,
Is this hatred,
Is this love,
Do they not see me?

I don’t know who I am anymore,
I look in the mirror,
And who do I see,
A different person,
Looking back at me,
I feel alone,
I feel withdrawn,
But how can this be possible,
In this overcrowded world?

By Tia and TJ
Original Poem

TTYLXOX – Power to the Peaceful


So basically if you don’t already know, I am the owner/surrogate mother of the cutest male cat in the world, (well according to me this is a fact but you might not agree)

At just 2 years old, he is a crazy fat kitty with a lot of appetite, energy and love. Oh by the way his name is Shiibou.

Shiibou recently won a PurinaOne competition and won lot’s of goodies for himself and his girfriends in my neighbourhood.

Shiibou is currently trying out the PurinaOne three week challenge and I’m already seeing a big difference in skin and he’s getting a much glossier coat!!! Hooray!

Anyways, I shall be sure to keep you updated on how well it is going and will try and upload some pictures of my little fat cutie =)

Ciao for now

Power To The Peaceful

Feeling Ignored?

Everyone has experienced being ignored at least once in their life, don’t worry people, if you’re feeling ignored, you’re not alone!

Being Ignored

So here are some tips on how to cope with that horrible feeling of being ignored:

Tip #1

It is important to acknowledge the person that is ignoring you. Is it a friend, a parent? Sometimes others like yourself have a lot of issues and it can sometimes backfire making the moody or making them ignore everyone. Is this person worth being patient for? True friends are worth the wait.

Tip #2

If you’ve chosen to be patient with this person head on to Tip#3. If you’ve chosen otherwise, stick to this tip first. Try and talk to this person, and find out what’s going on. Do this when you’re alone so that the person has the choice to listen to you, and if they do ignore you, no-one else will be there to see it. If you’re STILL willing to be patient send an e-mail or write a letter. Be sure to include how you’re feeling and how you want the situation to end.

Tip #3

If all the above have failed or you’ve decided you can no longer be patient, here’s one tip that could win them over. A little bit of a ‘taste of their own medicine’ couldn’t harm anyone, (as long as we’re speaking about just ignoring) if they were true friends It’ll only take a couple of hours of ignoring to win them over, but make sure you don’t prolong it, you don’t want to be as bad as them!

Tip #4

If your friend still hasn’t noticed you, or continues to ignore you, it may be that they just want to move on, so here’s what you can do, you can continue to be nice and speak time to time and a good way to forget everything that has happened is by overlooking your friends faults and thinking about all the good times you’ve had.

Hope this helped you guys, speak to you soon



(Edited by TJ)