* Bourjois Paris Collection *

Hi guys

So it all began when I was looking for my first ever foundation, I was in my final year of University and thought ‘Damn! It’s about time lol

I ended up getting the wrong shade and since I bought two on the same day they both were way too dark for me. This is when I realised that my hands were darker than my face =/ Awkward.

Anyhow, I wasn’t too bothered, I just use loose powder over it that is skin tone and it works fab.

2013-08-19 14.02.48

I did think they were quite good at first, but if you forget to set them, they do oxidise in the air and make your face shine like mad. If you have dry skin like mine then you will LOVE these, they feel quite hydrating and since they are a thin formula, it’s easy to apply all over the face, you can even use your hands, no need for sponges or brushes. Due to the consistency of the foundation, it helps give you a nice fresh a dewy look and does NOT cling to any dry spots that you may have, which is awesome. Most of the time when I apply make up I feel like I’m ruining my face, but not when I’m using the healthy mix, it has some fruits in it, that help hydrate and give your face some radiance.


Sometimes when I’m in a rush I mix the 123 with my normal moisturiser and make my own BB cream. The 123 has particles that help remove redness and dullness and corrects the skins problematic areas by covering up blemish marks.


2013-08-19 14.02.55

Any one who knows me knows that I am a big fan of eyeshadow! These trios are ideal if you are beginner. There’s one shade for the highlight under the brow, one for the lid and one for the crease. You can also use the crease shadow to create depth at the side of your eyes, or use the lightest shade to highlight the inner corner of your eye.

2013-08-19 14.03.03


The Bourjois Eye liner is my all time favourite, and I will repurchase again and again, I love it, I don’t have one bad thing to say about it, Pleaseeeeee don’t let them discontinue!! I don’t know what I would do. At one point I was mad about the Maybelline reclining pencil, I think it was called The Linermatic or something, but it had so little product and ran out very quickly. At the same price you get a Bourjois pencil with a sharpner at the end of it, how adorable! It’s thick and creamy and last forever and ever, very good buy for your money.

My first ever coloured liner was the blue one by Bourjois, it was a present given to me by my big sister. I love using it one waterline and adding the black liner over the top, it looks great, it comes out as a dark teal colour with some brightness of the turquoise colour showing through, I used to wear that look all the time.


Hope you liked looking at my collection, there’s more on it’s way

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* Rimmel Collection*

Hey party people

I thought that It’s about time I post up my collections, since I took and uploaded all these pics months ago, I guess I was being slightly lazy. You may have already noticed, my favourite product to buy from Rimmel are Mascaras lol I do go through them a lot, so here are the ones I’m using at the moment, I don’t use all four at the same time, but I usually use the lash accelarator (the old version) mixed with one other. I’m not a big fan of spider lashes, but I do appreciate voluminous long lashes *damn you little brother who was born with hugeee girly thick long lashes – I officially hate you*

2013-08-19 13.57.22

My favourite mascara is obviously the lash accelerator, which by the way is the first one in line, with the lime top and black body. I’ve used it sooo sooo much that the name has rubbed off, oops! I really can’t wait to use the new version, I hope it’s just as great. Sometimes companies try too hard to upgrade a product and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I love using it with the Collection 2000 (Now called Collection) Magi Length Mascara or the Maybelline Define-a-Lash. Try it and let me know what you think!


2013-08-19 13.57.42


Oooh they look like fancy girly skyscrapers haha. P.s. I hate the nail varnish! It has a long thick brush, apparently the new so called *maxi brush* its huuuuuuge and is supposedly mistake free. Please tell me who has finger nails THAT big? I would say my nails are quite big, but heck, obviously not!

Anyhow… this is my Rimmel Collection =D


Power to the Peaceful


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P.p.s I love Pugzy

* Revlon Collection *



Haaaaallo friendly people!

Ok I’ll be super honest here, I don’t have much of a collection! But I do LOVEEEEE their lip products, even though I only have a few, but for me, this is A LOT! since I don’t really wear any of these outside of the house, just inside, for me myself and I!


2013-08-19 13.47.20


The first two are lip butters, I love them soo much. They are soo smooth and delicious lol its like wearing lip balm and the thing I like the most is they have a subtle tint of colour to them, so they’re not too vibrant. If you’re nervous trying bright colours on your lips or are new to lipsticks, these are fabulous. =D


2013-08-19 13.47.48

On the other hand, if you’re a vibrant lip girl, then they have lots and lots in store for you. I decided to get three different shades, sometimes I do mix them and come up with my own unusual but super trendy lip colour, other times I mix and dab the main colour off to lessen the intensity, to make a subtle but noticeable stain on my lips. People usually stick to one colour, e.g. Nudes, I say be a little brave and a little different, sure nudes are great and easy to pull off for everyday/work purposes, but why not try stand out in a crowd and be a show stopper =P


2013-08-19 13.47.34


So here’s a birds eye view of all the colours, my favourite to wear right now is the ‘Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain’ in Rendezvous but in my opinion way too expensive for a lip stain/balm, I do like the MUA power pouts (I think they’re called) much cheaper and do the same thing.


So there it is, my Revlon collection, small but one of my favourite collections, be on the lookout for an upcoming post where I will be teaching you how to make a cheap, affordable and eco-friendly storage place for all your lip products,


Power to the Peaceful



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* M.U.A Collection *



I’ve been meaning to do this post ever since I got a few single eye shadows from MUA and realised what great products MUA sold for such a reasonable price. I have quite a collection now, unfortunately I have many many make up bags and couldn’t really gather all my eye shadows for pictures, but I can assure you every single one I’ve tried has been mega awesome!!



Please do take a look at our ‘Product Critique’ section for some previous reviews on certain products,

Link: https://milliondollarrock1.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/cheap-beauty-products-do-they-work-i-put-them-to-the-test/

2013-08-19 13.42.03

The best thing about make up is you never get bored of it, i have a tremendous amount of various brand make up palettes but even with the great amount of choice I always find myself picking up the ‘Undressed Palette’ which I’ve heard is a dupe for the Urban Decay ‘Naked Palette’ if you’ve tried the ‘Undress Me 2’ Palette, let me know in the comments section what you think of it! My favourite shades in this palette have got to be shade 1,2,3 and 5. They are my most used and also the ones that best suit my skin tone. I’ve almost hit pan on them, so I will be repurchasing it as soon as I get the chance. This palette is great for everyday make up uses, I even used it as part of my eid look, just use a dash of gold glitter with a neutral background and BAM!!! you have transformed into a diva!

Undressed Palette

Undressed Palette

My current favourite lip products by MUA are their power pouts, I’ve tried the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous and although I really like it, I find it difficult to splash out £8.99 on a lip product, however, I bought the MUA power Pouts for £3!!! It’s an unbeatable and unbelievable price for a product which practically does the same as Revlon. I also love the colour range, I only have two at the moment. The MUA counter in my town doesn’t sell everything and everytime I go, it’s either sold out or everything has been ripped up, tried and broken my….urm..I dunno, some crazyyy monster that clearly lives inside the MUA counter!!! Grrr…. (Please can we all unite in killing the monsters who do this….EVERYTIME!!!)

I keep meaning to buy more of these!

I keep meaning to buy more of these!


Can't go without mentioning that these lip liners are awesome, I also have the pink one with glitter in it, but I prefer the ones without, so I've given that one to my sister!

Can’t go without mentioning that these lip liners are awesome, I also have the pink one with glitter in it, but I prefer the ones without, so I’ve given that one to my sister!

So, even though, I have trouble gathering all my make up products, I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection, my room has just been vacuumed, ahhh missing the glitter, ahh well, maybe next time eh!! Glitter rocks! Oh yes, PLEASE MUA, SELL GLITTER/DAZZLE DUST POTS!! I really wannnnnnnnnt =)


Cheerio Till next time,

Peace on the streets Saan! Ooops hold up …Power to the Peaceful


(P.s I love Nyla and Bamboo)


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♥ Beneficial and Beautifying Oils ♥

I thought I would take some time out to share some information on a few types of oils you may want to include in your daily skincare routine.

1) Tea Tree Oil

Useful for dry skin and blemish prone skin, does not dry out your skin but has good anti-bacterial properties. I’ve recently started using a cleanser which contains tea tree oil, not only does it smell like a disinfectant but it actually makes me feel like it has totally cleaned out my skin from any possible impurities. Less bacteria means less spots! If you’re wondering about the name of my cleanser it’s ‘Tea Tree’ Exfoliating face scrub by Beauty Formulas, loving it so far. It comes in a squeezy tube and contains 150ml. Due to the oils anti-bacterial properties it is known to prevent rashes and allergies. Many people use it to clear their acne or dandruff, so quite clearly it has many uses, why not give it a go?

2) Argan Oil (Also known as Moroccan oil)

Argon oil contains vitamins E and other anti oxidants which protects the skin and hair from damage. Due to it’s moisturising properties, using it on your face will leave it feeling soft and hydrated. Whereas using it on your hair will leave it feeling silky and smooth. Argan oil sinks straight into the hair or skin, so you won’t feel sticky afterwards, if you’ve always dreamt of Cheryl Coles glossy locks, I think you should try re-create it using  tiny bit of Argan oil and see the difference.

3) Olive Oil

Olive oil is not only great with your food, but you can also use olive oil on your hair. I use it as a deep conditioning mask, just before I wash my hair, leave your hair dangling with the oil for approximately one hour, then wash your hair out with your usual shampoo and/or conditioner and once you’re out your hair will feel sooo soft and smooth, you’ll probably have trouble keeping your fingers from running through your hair =P
Not only will it feel great but you will notice that it works great at detangling your hair.

4) Amla Oil (Indian Gooseberry)

This smells funny in the hair, but if you feel like you’re losing hair, rub a bit of this in your scalp and your hair will grow back, thick and plenty. It is also known to reduce split ends and has been used in India for many many years as a remedy for keeping your hair beautiful and voluminous. If you don’t use an in-shower conditioner like me, then this works great, I use this if I run out of my leave-in conditioner. Due to it conditioning nature it can also be used to relieve a dry or itchy scalp =)

And there are many more beneficial oils out there, but this is all I will be discussing for now,

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