Kelloggs Special K : Cereal Bars/Cereal

A little while back, I was lucky enough to win some Kelloggs products to try out,



The cereal that they sent us was the one above, though it did tasted great, our favourite was the cereal bars!! We were sent the ‘Chewy Delight’ Milk chocolate bars, I did initially take some pictures for you all, however unfortunately my phone broke down and I lost all my pictures =( *sigh*


But do not despair, we did eventually buy more and we even tried our the red berry cereal bar, which quickly became our favourite. It had just enough bite and crunch as well as chewyness. Each berry provides a boost of flavour, topped up with the  white chocolate drizzled everywhere!

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If you haven’t yet tried out this flavour it’s absolutely yummy! Also let me know if you’ve tried out any other flavours!




Cheerio Guys


* M.U.A Collection *



I’ve been meaning to do this post ever since I got a few single eye shadows from MUA and realised what great products MUA sold for such a reasonable price. I have quite a collection now, unfortunately I have many many make up bags and couldn’t really gather all my eye shadows for pictures, but I can assure you every single one I’ve tried has been mega awesome!!



Please do take a look at our ‘Product Critique’ section for some previous reviews on certain products,


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The best thing about make up is you never get bored of it, i have a tremendous amount of various brand make up palettes but even with the great amount of choice I always find myself picking up the ‘Undressed Palette’ which I’ve heard is a dupe for the Urban Decay ‘Naked Palette’ if you’ve tried the ‘Undress Me 2’ Palette, let me know in the comments section what you think of it! My favourite shades in this palette have got to be shade 1,2,3 and 5. They are my most used and also the ones that best suit my skin tone. I’ve almost hit pan on them, so I will be repurchasing it as soon as I get the chance. This palette is great for everyday make up uses, I even used it as part of my eid look, just use a dash of gold glitter with a neutral background and BAM!!! you have transformed into a diva!

Undressed Palette

Undressed Palette

My current favourite lip products by MUA are their power pouts, I’ve tried the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous and although I really like it, I find it difficult to splash out £8.99 on a lip product, however, I bought the MUA power Pouts for £3!!! It’s an unbeatable and unbelievable price for a product which practically does the same as Revlon. I also love the colour range, I only have two at the moment. The MUA counter in my town doesn’t sell everything and everytime I go, it’s either sold out or everything has been ripped up, tried and broken my….urm..I dunno, some crazyyy monster that clearly lives inside the MUA counter!!! Grrr…. (Please can we all unite in killing the monsters who do this….EVERYTIME!!!)

I keep meaning to buy more of these!

I keep meaning to buy more of these!


Can't go without mentioning that these lip liners are awesome, I also have the pink one with glitter in it, but I prefer the ones without, so I've given that one to my sister!

Can’t go without mentioning that these lip liners are awesome, I also have the pink one with glitter in it, but I prefer the ones without, so I’ve given that one to my sister!

So, even though, I have trouble gathering all my make up products, I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection, my room has just been vacuumed, ahhh missing the glitter, ahh well, maybe next time eh!! Glitter rocks! Oh yes, PLEASE MUA, SELL GLITTER/DAZZLE DUST POTS!! I really wannnnnnnnnt =)


Cheerio Till next time,

Peace on the streets Saan! Ooops hold up …Power to the Peaceful


(P.s I love Nyla and Bamboo)


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