June Favourites ❣

Hi Dudettes, it’s time for a favourites video (I got forced to do this by Tia – since I haven’t done one since February last year methinks)

When it comes to make up I rarely switch it up, I usually go for the same brands and Same colours, buuuuuuut recently I’ve been obsessed with trying new brands, colours and investing money in new companies. In my next post I’ll tell you about the company ‘Make up Revolution’ who are a new online company, I bought their products just before going on holiday, when they were just 2 months old *awwk*

Anyhow, I’ll quit blabbering on and just show you my June favs (in no particular order)!

2014-06-28 17.42.28

1) Since I’ve already mentioned Make up Revolution, I may as well start with them. I am totally obsessed with their lipsticks. They apply beautifully, their creamy and the colours available are just spectacular. I really did not think they would be this good, I’m glad I took a risk and bought a few when I placed an order. I was born with burgundy lips, and when it comes to lipsticks they usually don’t come up on my lips, but these are great, they cover well and feel awesome. If you’re worried about bright colours and don’t want to spend a fortune trying them out, I would opt for these bad boys 😉

2014-06-28 17.36.58

These two are my favourite shades out of the ones I brought, the Orange is called Vice and the Lilac is called Depraved. I also like the plum pink called Crime =D

2) My second favourite is an eye dust or pigment, I’ve never tried a pigment from any other company other than BarryM (DazzleDust) so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I bought three others, also from the Makeup Revolution range through Superdrug Online. I’ve only tried the colour ‘Supreme’ and I am totally blown away with this product, you can create a totally matte eye look and add this eye pigment and transform your day look into a night look.

Eye Pigment in Supreme

Eye Pigment in Supreme

The inside - I've only opened the sticker to show one hole as that is more than enough product

The inside – I’ve only opened the sticker to show one hole as that is more than enough product


3) I’ve had two favourite mascaras this month, both new on the market, the first one by Rimmel called the Scandaleyes Flex (I’m not sure how many more ‘Scandaleyes’ mascaras they’re going to create – but be sure I will be tempted to try each and every one) *sigh* This mascara is a bit clumpy but can really help create that dramatic eye look. I love it when we go to late night parties and it gives that ‘false lash effect’ lol

The second one is the Volume Million Lashes by Loreal, this is now, by far, my most favourite (bad English but who cares) mascara everrrrr. It lengthens, strengthens, coats evenly and keeps your lashes curled. Some expensive mascaras are over the top waterproof that it hurts taking it off, but this is not the case with this one.

2014-06-28 17.38.10

4) There was a time when I hated Lipsticks, that time my friends is looong gone.

It's like a coral/orange/red colour, which is my favourite colour in the whole entire world.

It’s like a coral/orange/red colour, which is my favourite colour in the whole entire world.

2014-06-28 17.35.52
I think in terms of where I spend most of my dads cash, it’s usually on lipsticks. Revlon is my go to lipstick line, I do like the Maybelline (Vivids line) and the YSL (Rouge Volupte) but my current favourite is from Rimmel, the Kate Moss line, in shade 110. This lipstick can be applied softly for a tinted lips effect or intensely for a brighter lip look. Oh and the Rimmel lipstick range smells sooo nice. I usually hate fragranced make up but the lipstick smells like Tamarind mmm.

5) Sticking to Rimmel, I also like the Apocolips, lip lacquer, this is the only lacquer I’ve ever tried, and Im beginning to really like the formula. It’s opaque and a thick consistency, it lasts on your lips for a long time and looks great.

In the shade 401 Aurora

In the shade 401 Aurora

6) My first ever favourite make up item were eye shadows, it was the first thing I ventured into after eye liner. Recently I’ve been using a lot of neutral colours and I have a collection of about 7 Neutral eye shadow palettes *yikes*

One of the reasons to buy coloured eye shadow for me is to go on holiday, that is when I discovered the Glam Eyes HD eye shadow by Rimmel in shade 003 Royal blue. It’s convenient because it has 3 different shades, which can be transformed in to many looks depending on where you place them. It’s handy because it’s small enough to fit a handbag or travel make up bag.

2014-06-28 17.39.14

7)  I’m loving the MUA lipglosses this month, it was my favourite thing to take with me on holiday, I even persuaded my sisters to buy some, even though we ended up losing a few in the airport during baggage checks *sobs*

2014-06-28 17.41.01

The red one in the middle called ‘Pucker up’ 😉 *wolf whistles* it is the most pigmented. It’s from the Intense Kisses line, I love them, they feel so smooth, like butter, yum!

The one at the end is a light pink and duskier real life, the picture makes it look bright, it’s called ‘Quick kiss’ haha

*Cue Music* ‘Kiss me like you mean it, tell me something true, I wana believe in me and you’ *sings*

The first one is from the ‘Out there’ line, called Pin up Pink, I love the packaging of this one. This one is a plumping lip gloss, it gives a tingling sensation when applied, oo laa laa.

8) My favourite concealer has been the Maybelline Superstay, often compared to the Revlon colourstay. It has a thick consistency and a smooth application. It has a medium coverage and does not look cakey. Not much I can say about this, other than that I don’t wear foundation and sometimes you can look dead without something under your eyes, especially if you’re nocturnal like me and can’t sleep at night and are forced up in the morning by annoying little brats *hmpfh*

Shade 3 - The darkest one they have

Shade 3 – The darkest one they have

8) The last favourite of this month is a blusher, I have so many expensive blushers but I always get drawn to this one I brought for my holidays. It’s called ‘Lolly’ by MUA it’s like a coral pink colour which gives a cute dolly flushed look.

2014-06-28 17.38.43


I just realised how messy that looks hah ^ so that reminds me, it has a lot of fallout, but I don’t care, I still love the colour. If you really hate the fallout, there is a similar colour in the Sleek Blush by 3 palette called Lace.

Anyhow, that’s a lot of writing for one day, I need a months break haha

I will be back tomorrow, maybe, with the makeup revolution post with swatches =D