♡ Make up revolution ♡

Make up Revolution is a fairly new company launched on March 2014 (http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/) I love that they do great products at a great price and they already have over 300 different products for us to choose from. They also don’t test on animals, which is very good for your conscience lol I don’t feel guilty about using their products at all 😉

I’ve tried various products from their range and I have to admit I’m pretty impressed at how well made they are. In terms of the make up ingredients I haven’t really done any background research on it, but since superdrugs online are also selling them, I’m pretty sure they were thoroughly checked for harsh chemicals that would destroy our skin/bodies before selling on.

The first thing I was drawn to on their website was their eye shadow palettes, in particular the Redemption Iconic 3 palette,

2014-05-21 17.39.38

not that I need any more haha as you can see they are wonderfully stacking up





I heard about their company through a YouTube make up guru and have been hooked ever since!

2014-05-21 17.41.09

2014-05-21 17.41.02

2014-05-21 17.40.31








A lot of people went in for the Iconic 1/2 and 3 palette as they were supposed to be a great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, which cost a fortune here in he UK and overseas.

2014-06-30 07.08.58

When I wake up too early, this is what I do *face palm*

Redemption Iconic 3

Redemption Iconic 3

The Redemption Iconic 3 palette is made up of some matte/shimmer and semi matte shades, perfect for everyday use, such as work or school. I’ve decided to do the swatches on paper since I woke up so early today. The swatches on skin are far more brighter than on paper btw. I hate that they have long shade numbers and not names, but hopefully they will come up with names for them. My favourite in this palette is the matte off white colour as a base and the gold in the middle as a all over lid colour.


Close up


The Redemption Essential Shimmers palette is just that, all shimmers and no mattes. This ones good for day outs and those that hate matte eye shadows, or only use matte eye shadows as transition colours. This palette is far more pigmented than the Iconic 3. I turned out liking this palette far better than I thought I would. This palette reminds me of my first ever eye shadow craze when I used to buy all the sleek shimmery eye shadow palettes with my big sister *feeling nostalgic*


close up

2014-06-30 07.07.18

This is the Matte brights Palette, it consists of all matte shades that are super vivid and scream our SUMMER!!! yes I was feeling super brave that day, either that or I just have an obsession with hoarding make up. Yes…that must be it. Hmm..

Anyhow, I didn’t swatch the white, I didn’t see the need. The best colours in this palette are the greens and pinks and I can’t wait to use them as crease transition shades.


Close up


close up

The next things I’ll discuss became my most favourite go to products this year, it was their lovely lush lipsticks.


I’m really loving these shades for summer

2014-06-30 07.17.04

I really enjoyed writing in these creamy crayon like lippies ❤ Vice and depraved are my most favourite lipsticks everrrr (Note to self: Must buy back up) Crime is my close third fav. I like rebel when I apply it softly rather than use all its pigmentation power, maybe for an Autumnal look. Dare is far more red than in the picture, but I like it ♥

2014-06-30 07.13.13


2014-05-21 17.37.38

With flash

Perfect for Autumn and Winter

Perfect for Autumn and Winter

Perfect for spring

Perfect for spring

Perfect for Winter and special events

Perfect for Winter and special events

Perfect for Summer and parties or ladies night out

Perfect for Summer and parties or ladies night out

Perfect for HALLOWEEN just kidding, this can be worn really lightly to give a subtle hint of colour and I would even were it everyday, love it!

Perfect for HALLOWEEN just kidding, this can be worn really lightly to give a subtle hint of colour and I would even were it everyday, love it!

The packaging is not too bad either, though I have noticed that the lids on two of mine keep coming off in my bag *sniff*


These are there pure pigments, they really went all out with this one, I’ve brought high end pigments that match this exactly except Make up Revolution provide us with more pigments for our money, which is awesome.



Supreme is my favourite is can be used as a highlighter for the brow bones and even for cheek highlights, or to top up matte shadows to transform your eye look. They are much more shimmery and sparkly than on these pictures and the pigments are like fine dust rather than specks of glitter, which blends in much better.

2014-05-21 17.32.52

I also bought two single eye shadows, both matte called ‘As smooth as..’ and ‘MMMM’ I love the names LOL, I totally forgot to take swatch pictures of them, *sigh* ah well nvm. They’re both pigmented and look fabulous, I’ve bought them to use as crease eye shadows and also contouring. I wish you could have seen my face when I uploaded this *priceless* I am totally aware that these two look like identical twins, but be sure they are not, the top one is far lighter and the bottom far darker in real life. Why? Why me? Really sorry excuse the pictures, my phone is not the best one out there in the market right now. *sniff* Dreaming of better photography days…

.`•.¸.•´ ★
¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`* ♥



❤ Sister Tag ❤

This is just a little something we decided to do, since we’re gaining more followers everyday. It’s like a quirky way for our readers to get to know us. Tj will be in hot pink, where as I (Tia) will be in the turquoise colour. This is just to make it easier to differentiate between our answers. We also answered the questions sepreatley, without discussing what we were going to write. Have fun!

1) How did you meet?

Tj: I met Tia when she was born in the year 2000 and I could not believe I had a sibling after more than 10 years of waiting for a baby sis!

Tia: When my mum welcomed me to the world, and their was a scary kid waiting for my arrival, who I would come to know as my big sister and best friend.

2) What is your favourite memory together?

Tj: We have so much memories together, I’ll cheat and add three. 1: when we nearly got killed in Bangladesh the night of of our flight,2: on our sisters wedding night when we were really emotional and 3: when we go shopping together, it’s always be a fun adventure.

Tia: When we stayed up together the night my older sister got married. We could hear eachother crying and gradually started to talk about the memories we had with our older. I slept in her bed and we hugged all night. That was the night we became best friends and not just sisters. We also have regular sleepovers involving junk food and our mini torches. 

3) Describe eachother in three words.

Tj: Loyal- Always by my side, Caring – Loves everyone, Hyperactive- always dancing around

Tia: Funny, Understanding and Weird… ( In the best way possible 😉 )

4) What is your dream job?

Tj: To be a professional photographer, specializing in scenery! Or a cat sitter…

Tia: My dream job is to be an author writing fantasy,paranormal, sci fi or dystopian novels

5) What’s your favourite make up brand?

Tj: Rimmel is probably my all time favourite as I love at least one product from each line and own loads. I love Revlon lipsticks and own loads too. I’m so undecided.

Tia: Um… I hardly ever wear makeup. Like almost never. I like the Bodyshop lipbalms though.

6) What is something that annoys you about the other person?

Tj: Argumentative. And doesn’t know when to stop. The moody bum. (I wubs you sugar plum)

Tia: Her imaturity. Like OMG sometimes I feel like I’m the older sister >_<

7) If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?

Tj: Malaysia. I’ve just always wanted to go there and would be awesome to take someone special like her ♥

Tia: India because it’s such a culturally rich country and it would be so much fun to go and explore 😀

8) State some inside jokes you have and give no explanation

Tj: D’uumb, Tutti McGuttie, Jiggy,Totes McGoats, Gross Mc Toast, Come Dine With Me

Tia: Jessica, Marker Pen,Jiggy and Selfies

9) Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

Tj: I have completed my hair/makeup/outfit/ate a four course meal and Tia will still be doing her Hijab. Not only that but once it’s done she will rip it off and start over until she looks like Marge Simpson. ( She’s unfriending me on facebook now lol. Oh the denial)

Tia: Tj. Without a doubt. she takes foreverrrrr 😛 But princesses don’t like being rushed 😉

10) Favourite season?

Tj: Spring even though I really love a bit of wind and rain. I don’t like it when it’s too sunny.

Tia: SPRING ❤ Flowers, Animals, Blossoms and Birds. Summer is too hot, Winter is too cold, Autumn is too wet and windy and yet Sring is the perfect consistency of them all.

11) Favourite Song?

Tj: 22 or any other Taylor Swift song like Enchanted, Sparks Fly and Fearless #Swiftie ♬

Tia: Fearless by Taylor Swift. The chorus reminds me of when I’m with the ones i love and I laugh till my stomach hurts and the day just seems too perfect to be true  ✰

12) Heels or Flats?

Tj: Heels but I usually go out in my hi tops haha

Tia: Flats. Cannot live without my converse ♡  Although heels could make me look taller lool xD

13) Pants or Dresses?

Tj: Why would you wear pants? Dresses all the waaaay❋… (why did tia just face palm herself) 

Tia: DRESSES ❤ The puffier the better!

14) Favourite Animal?

Tj: Kitty! Amazing balls of fluff.

Tia: Birds obviouslyyy ^-^ We can hear them singing form our house all the time, and the way they fly is breathtaking.

15) If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?

Tj: My collection of certificates from age 3, including degree/GCSE/A – Levels/ First Aid/ ECDL etc

Tia: My diaries or my Harry Potter books. My diaries have memories you can’t buy or replace and Harry Potter is just… well, magical. ✮

16) Comedy, Horror or Chick-Flick?

Tj: I like RomComs, they have the best of both genres. Chick-Flicks are meh and urm horror, we never end up finishing horror movies cus Tia never watches the scary scenes so what’s the point

Tia: I like the excitement of watching horror movies and the atmosphere they bring, nut I have nightmares for ages afterwards >_< Sooo… Chick-Flicks 😛

17) Blackberry or I-Phone?

Tj: I-Phone (sorry mum!)

Tia: I have neither so I shall refrain from judging 😛

18) Favourite movie?

Tj: Disneys Tangled or Brave by far. I would rewatch over and over… ღ

Tia: All the Harry Potter movies, The Vow cus it made me cry and Brave ✽

19) What is something weird you eat?

Tj: Shutki! Dry fish, it stinks but tastes nice if I cook it. If you don’t like the taste, you need a new chef mate.

Tia: Well, um… Tj finds it weird that I’m addicted to oranges…

20) Do you guys have matching anything?

Tj: Too many things. Matching Lee Cooper shoes, Tia’s are more like trainers and mine are hi tops. We have matching head pieces. Matching LA underwear haha and lots more

Tia: Silver heels,Head pieces, head scarfs, head bands and we both have the same dress aswell, but mine is pink and her’s is yellow hehe  ❄

21) What’s your favorite TV show?

Tj: Come Dine With Me. Yeah I don’t watch TV and have suddenly become obssessed with food. I watch BGT aswell.

Tia: MTV’s Catfish. I absolutely love this show, it is actually addicting. Max and Nev are the coolest people EVER ✮

22) What was your biggest fight or argument?

Tj: Never had one. Let’s keep it that way inshAllaah.

Tia: Neveeeeeerr (say never) Shut up Justin Bieber… I meaannt we’ve never had an argument lol 😛

23) Describe the last thing you did with your sister

Tj: Talking about someone, yeah nothing bad (only cus I’m fasting haha)

Tia: Wrapping birthday presents for our niece  ♡

24) Complete this statement: ‘My sister is…’

Tj: Awesome and one of a kind ❤

Tia: FABULOUS and my main source of happiness ^-^

And there you have it folks! I hope you enjoyed this ^-^ Send us more questions you want us to answer,

Tia and Tj ❤ x










It’s The Little Things… ❤

It’s the little, everyday things that can be seen as totally ordinary and insignificant that make me truly happy. Here is a list of tiny things that make me glow on the inside, and make me grateful to be alive. These are the things that make me happy in my heart place ^-^

-Birds singing

-Laughing until my stomach hurts

-Being with my friends

-Being with my family

-My big sister Tj

-Having good food





-Reading a book until my eyes droop, and picking it up first thing in the morning and finishing it before breakfast

-Having no homework

-Having family time

-Going out with my awesome sisters

^To name just a few. i have a feeling this list would go on forever if I let it. I totally support the saying ‘Happiness is a choice’ because it really is true! Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine. You, and only you, are in charge of how you view the world. I’ve seen documentaries about children in third world countries, who are poor and have nothing compared to what we have, and yet they are delighted by using a can to play football with. If children living in conditions as bad as these can still find reasons to be happy, why can’t we?

Imagine if everything we ever wanted in life was given to us: You had those shoes you always wanted. You’re rich enough to buy that car you’ve longed for, aswell as that house you have pined over. You were healthy, as were all the ones you love. You were married to the love of you life. You had the grades you wanted, and the career you had dreamed about ever since you were a little kid. Imagine it. Think about it. Do you think you would be truly happy? Do you not think that you would just find more things to be upset about, or more things you want? Do you not think you would look for more reasons to be miserable?

Situations are different for everyone, and everyone reacts differently to different events. Depression is a major cause of suicide and suicidal thoughts for people all over the world. Life may seem bleak and dark right now, and you may feel incredibly alone in a world full of billions of people who you feel do not care. Trust me, there is always someone who cares about you and someone willing to try to make you smile again.If you feel like there is no reason t be happy again, believe me you are wrong. There are a million reasons to be happy. You will survive because you are a strong person. Don’t believe me? Well your definitely still alive as you’re reading this right now.Life is an everlasting challenge, and yet some  glorious moments make the struggle worth it. Happiness is not a destination that you can reach, it is a journey. Find joy in the ordinary. If you can’t find a hint of happiness in the little things, you will never be truly happy.

Have a collection of good memories, because life is too short to be anything less that happy. You are in charge of how you feel – Why not choose happiness? Be so happy that when other people look at you, they’ll smile and be happy too. I saw a qoute somewhere like : Happiness is the highest level of success. And it’s true, it really is.


And for now, being the huge potterhead I am and being cool enough to slip a potter reference in just about ANYWHERE ( And driving my awesome muggle of a sister Tj mad in the process.. oops :P) I will leave you with the wise words of Albus Percival Wulfirc Brian Dumbledore,’Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light’. One of my favourite quotes ever 😀 Smile my friends! It really is contagious 🙂


-Tia (a very happy 14 year old ☺)


June Favourites ❣

Hi Dudettes, it’s time for a favourites video (I got forced to do this by Tia – since I haven’t done one since February last year methinks)

When it comes to make up I rarely switch it up, I usually go for the same brands and Same colours, buuuuuuut recently I’ve been obsessed with trying new brands, colours and investing money in new companies. In my next post I’ll tell you about the company ‘Make up Revolution’ who are a new online company, I bought their products just before going on holiday, when they were just 2 months old *awwk*

Anyhow, I’ll quit blabbering on and just show you my June favs (in no particular order)!

2014-06-28 17.42.28

1) Since I’ve already mentioned Make up Revolution, I may as well start with them. I am totally obsessed with their lipsticks. They apply beautifully, their creamy and the colours available are just spectacular. I really did not think they would be this good, I’m glad I took a risk and bought a few when I placed an order. I was born with burgundy lips, and when it comes to lipsticks they usually don’t come up on my lips, but these are great, they cover well and feel awesome. If you’re worried about bright colours and don’t want to spend a fortune trying them out, I would opt for these bad boys 😉

2014-06-28 17.36.58

These two are my favourite shades out of the ones I brought, the Orange is called Vice and the Lilac is called Depraved. I also like the plum pink called Crime =D

2) My second favourite is an eye dust or pigment, I’ve never tried a pigment from any other company other than BarryM (DazzleDust) so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I bought three others, also from the Makeup Revolution range through Superdrug Online. I’ve only tried the colour ‘Supreme’ and I am totally blown away with this product, you can create a totally matte eye look and add this eye pigment and transform your day look into a night look.

Eye Pigment in Supreme

Eye Pigment in Supreme

The inside - I've only opened the sticker to show one hole as that is more than enough product

The inside – I’ve only opened the sticker to show one hole as that is more than enough product


3) I’ve had two favourite mascaras this month, both new on the market, the first one by Rimmel called the Scandaleyes Flex (I’m not sure how many more ‘Scandaleyes’ mascaras they’re going to create – but be sure I will be tempted to try each and every one) *sigh* This mascara is a bit clumpy but can really help create that dramatic eye look. I love it when we go to late night parties and it gives that ‘false lash effect’ lol

The second one is the Volume Million Lashes by Loreal, this is now, by far, my most favourite (bad English but who cares) mascara everrrrr. It lengthens, strengthens, coats evenly and keeps your lashes curled. Some expensive mascaras are over the top waterproof that it hurts taking it off, but this is not the case with this one.

2014-06-28 17.38.10

4) There was a time when I hated Lipsticks, that time my friends is looong gone.

It's like a coral/orange/red colour, which is my favourite colour in the whole entire world.

It’s like a coral/orange/red colour, which is my favourite colour in the whole entire world.

2014-06-28 17.35.52
I think in terms of where I spend most of my dads cash, it’s usually on lipsticks. Revlon is my go to lipstick line, I do like the Maybelline (Vivids line) and the YSL (Rouge Volupte) but my current favourite is from Rimmel, the Kate Moss line, in shade 110. This lipstick can be applied softly for a tinted lips effect or intensely for a brighter lip look. Oh and the Rimmel lipstick range smells sooo nice. I usually hate fragranced make up but the lipstick smells like Tamarind mmm.

5) Sticking to Rimmel, I also like the Apocolips, lip lacquer, this is the only lacquer I’ve ever tried, and Im beginning to really like the formula. It’s opaque and a thick consistency, it lasts on your lips for a long time and looks great.

In the shade 401 Aurora

In the shade 401 Aurora

6) My first ever favourite make up item were eye shadows, it was the first thing I ventured into after eye liner. Recently I’ve been using a lot of neutral colours and I have a collection of about 7 Neutral eye shadow palettes *yikes*

One of the reasons to buy coloured eye shadow for me is to go on holiday, that is when I discovered the Glam Eyes HD eye shadow by Rimmel in shade 003 Royal blue. It’s convenient because it has 3 different shades, which can be transformed in to many looks depending on where you place them. It’s handy because it’s small enough to fit a handbag or travel make up bag.

2014-06-28 17.39.14

7)  I’m loving the MUA lipglosses this month, it was my favourite thing to take with me on holiday, I even persuaded my sisters to buy some, even though we ended up losing a few in the airport during baggage checks *sobs*

2014-06-28 17.41.01

The red one in the middle called ‘Pucker up’ 😉 *wolf whistles* it is the most pigmented. It’s from the Intense Kisses line, I love them, they feel so smooth, like butter, yum!

The one at the end is a light pink and duskier real life, the picture makes it look bright, it’s called ‘Quick kiss’ haha

*Cue Music* ‘Kiss me like you mean it, tell me something true, I wana believe in me and you’ *sings*

The first one is from the ‘Out there’ line, called Pin up Pink, I love the packaging of this one. This one is a plumping lip gloss, it gives a tingling sensation when applied, oo laa laa.

8) My favourite concealer has been the Maybelline Superstay, often compared to the Revlon colourstay. It has a thick consistency and a smooth application. It has a medium coverage and does not look cakey. Not much I can say about this, other than that I don’t wear foundation and sometimes you can look dead without something under your eyes, especially if you’re nocturnal like me and can’t sleep at night and are forced up in the morning by annoying little brats *hmpfh*

Shade 3 - The darkest one they have

Shade 3 – The darkest one they have

8) The last favourite of this month is a blusher, I have so many expensive blushers but I always get drawn to this one I brought for my holidays. It’s called ‘Lolly’ by MUA it’s like a coral pink colour which gives a cute dolly flushed look.

2014-06-28 17.38.43


I just realised how messy that looks hah ^ so that reminds me, it has a lot of fallout, but I don’t care, I still love the colour. If you really hate the fallout, there is a similar colour in the Sleek Blush by 3 palette called Lace.

Anyhow, that’s a lot of writing for one day, I need a months break haha

I will be back tomorrow, maybe, with the makeup revolution post with swatches =D





❦ ❋Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater ❋ ❦

Maggie Stiefvater is honestly my inspiration when it comes to her beautiful, haunting stories. Her description is amazing as always, and her writing is melodious; like a song. It is breathtaking and spectacular, and is one of the things that makes her books superb. Her words paint pictures in the readers mind and leaves them in awe.  It is poignant and beautiful, and her words flow together seamlessly. This is an author that knows how to leave her readers spellbound and in need of reading more.

SHIVER. A story set in a beautiful forest, where the main character, a teenage girl called Grace was attacked by a group of wolves. She honestly thought she was going to die, when a wolf with distinctive yellow eyes saves her life. Years later, she is still spooked by the incident and is fascinated by the pack of wolves, especially the one with the yellow eyes. In the winter, whenever she looked into the woods from her house, she would notice that same wolf, protecting her it seemed, with his intense and fierce stare. Another incident takes place in the forest, and hunters are called to shoot the wolves – to get rid of them for good. It’s at this time where Grace sees a naked boy on her yard. One with the familiar yellow eyes, and a shot in his shoulder.

She will soon learn that this is Sam. The wolf that guards her in the winter, and the boy who works in the library in the warm summers. They will fall in love, and they will do anything it takes to be together.


As characters go, Sam and Grace are pretty interesting. Grace is the organised, dominant, no nonsense kind of person, whilst Sam is more timid and even verging on shy. Their love for each other was kind of an obsessive kind of love, which I personally found a little bit creepy. Actually that kind of love sort of reminded me of Twilight, which I hated with a passion.There doesn’t seem to be a reason for these two unique characters to be so suddenly drawn to eachother, to be so blindly devoted; it all kind of comes out of no where. But then again, after re- reading it, you do kind of understand. Sam makes Grace feel wanted, and loved… Something simple she has been robbed of for years because of her parents that don’t seem to care about her at all. Grace makes Sam feel human, important and special, something he needed because of traumatic events that happened in his past. They are all eachother have.

The way Maggie Stiefvater presented the werewolves, and her take on werewolf mythology was interesting and extremely clever. This book made me love werewolves, and showed me how strange, mysterious and also beautiful they could be. The transformation from a mere human, to werewolf forever in winter was interesting and fascinating. No one can deny this authors skills of weaving a magical story.

The setting was as always beautiful. I absolutely love forests and the way Maggie described this one was actually beautiful. She gave me the inspiration for the book I am currently writing and uploading to wattpad, where the entire story takes part in this forest. Check it out guys, if you wish! It would mean the world to me ^-^

If you are into young adult books or fantasy books, you should definitely pick this up! You will not be disappointed. It can also be seen as a paranormal romance so why not have a go? You might find a new favourite book in the process 😉

Have fun reading my friends, and don’t forget to tell me what you think 😀

Tia ♥

I will leave you with gorgeous qoute:


The book alternates from Sam and Grace’s pov. This happens to be Sam hehe xD

✪ I am Number Four – The Lorien Legacies – Pittacus Lore ✪


Yuup I have just finished reading an epic book, the first in it’s series ‘The Lorien Legacies’, although it seems I am a bit late, as the author has managed to publish a whole spin off series (The Lost files), and a movie came out before I even discovered this book! Don’t worry I don’t plan to be left out, I will read all of them ASAP! But anyway.. the review:

I picked up the book not really expecting much if I’m honest, but the blurb really did intrigue me. This book quickly became one of my favorites I’ve ever read. The characters were interesting and the way they reacted to different scenarios and experiences was actually fascinating. I loved the history the author gave about Planet Loric and the book really did make me think and wonder. It’s books like these that make humans more open minded.

The plot was very detailed, and throughout the book you become more and more familiar with the Planet Loric. You begin to emphasize with the characters and the difficulties they have to go through to just be able to live. You begin to long for a life as complex and dramatic as these horrors, but quickly dismiss the thought because of all the horrors that will come from that. You will fall in love with some characters. You will long for their powers. You will be taken on the most emotional roller coaster ride of your life. You will never have been more thrilled.

You will probably love ‘The Lorien Legacies’ if you like The GONE series, any spy books etc. Books that focus more on adventure than love triangles you know? Books that have more adrenaline.. Awesome books.


The cover I have of this book, although there are many

You guys should definitely read it, if you haven’t already. If you are wary of it, just give it a go – it sucked me in after the first few pages xD It’s amazing, for once a book actually worth the hype!

Meanwhile, I’m going to look for the rest of the series 😀

Happy Reading!,

Tia x