♥ Galaxy Heart Canvas ♥

Hi guys ♥

So I painted galaxy inspired heart canvas yesterday 🙂

Galaxy Heart! :)

Galaxy Heart! 🙂


My heart was a bit towards the top, which I did kick myself later. I could’ve blended the white better aswell…. And I should’ve added more stars 😛

But I still like it ♥ So here’s how to make it: ( I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures whilst doing it I forgot 😦 Sorry guys! )

1) Get a canvas, LOTS of sponges ( I stole my mums huge kitchen ones, and just tore off chunks hehe. I hope she hasn’t noticed), Black paint, white paint and the different colours you want for the spacey parts.. I had pink, purple, turquoise and blue 🙂 A paint brush, and if you have one, an old toothbrush.

Also, I didn’t have turquoise and purple paint, so for the turquoise I mixed blue and green to make a deep green and then added white. It makes an awesome turquoise. For purple I mixed blue and pink 🙂 Then for all the colours I added white to make them lighter where I wanted to blend.

2) Paint your whole canvas black… Or buy a black canvas. I painted mine, and personally I think it works better. Wait for it to dry and…

3) Pick your first colour. I chose turqoise and dabbed it at the corner and slowly added white to the colour to start blending it out.

4) I then dabbed the purple in another part of the canvas, and added white to make it lavendery. I then added pink inother corner, aswell as dark blue. In the center I added white to the dark blue and tried out a spiral thingy hehe.

5) This part is basically making the actual galaxy thing.. You can find a lot of tutorials for it on youtube so look around if mine were too vague 🙂

6) Then get a toothbrush and squeeze some white paint onto it, which is actually pretty bizarre. Then flick lots of paint onto the canvas to look like stars. This, in my opinion looks much better than dotting it on, which takes forever.

Wait for it to dry so we can get started on…

7) The heart. I got my sister to cut mine out of newspaper  hehe (Thanks TJ) But you can easily find templates online. Anyway, cut the heart out and glue it on to your canvas using the tiniest amounts of pritt stick possible. I used a really cheap one to guarantee it not sticking 😉

8) Then dip your sponge into some white paint, making sure it’s not full of paint beacuse it can get hard blending. But anyway, blend it outwards, and try and make it look subtle.

9) Make sure there is more white paint around the edge so you can actually see the heart when you take it off. When you are happy wait for it to dry and then you can…

10) PEEL OF THE HEART 🙂 SLOWLY! So it doesn’t tear hehe. And then you can stare at your beautiful creation. Or if you don’t like it hide it before anyone sees QUICK!

I hope you liked this guys 🙂

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Love you guys! KEEP SMILING 🙂




❤ Salma Mannan MUA ❤

Hey guys,

Alright people, I’m just going to put it out there, I love this girls work, shes totes awesome. Salma was actually the first person I asked about me writing a blog post on her work, this was July of this year (2013) but I fell ill which meant I didn’t do a lot on my blog, but I didn’t forget lol. When I asked her early November, she agreed straight away and I was soo happy!

Salma Mannan is a professional hair and make up artist who was qualified by the well known Lubna Rafiq, who has the UK’s leading training academy for make up artists =D Wow! That’ll explain her brilliant work eh? =P

I’ll post pictures of the different types of work Salma does, relating to all things BRIDAL, but she does other things too, including prom and party make up.

Okay I will start with my favourite’s, these were taken for the Asian Bride Magazine:



Like seriously guys, I cannot fault her work one bit!

Alright I’ll try and put them under small heading so it’s easier on your eyes and I will try to put a mixture of proffessional photo shoots with models as well as un-edited pictures with real bride/clients.

Mendhi Look:

Soft cut crease, looks brilliant yet subtle

Soft cut crease, looks brilliant yet subtle





Walima/Reception look:





Traditional Bride:

Ever wanted your dream traditional beauty makeover for your big day? Look no further!

Ever wanted your dream traditional beauty makeover for your big day? Look no further!

Authentic & Traditional

Authentic & Traditional



Don’t forget your bridesmaids:

Awww how cute do the grooms sisters look guys? <3

Awww how cute do the grooms sisters look guys? ❤

After an entire day typing, it’s finally done!!! I can’t wait till Salma reads this post. If you do go over to her page, make sure you mention that we sent you there! 😉

Salma is a great sister and I’m sure you would love her company if you gave her the chance to give you a make over. Salma has had many many clients and so she is very experienced, so what are you waiting for people, go check her out 😉

Love yah guys,


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LIGHT – Michael Grant | Review

Hey guys!

This is a review on a book called LIGHT by Michael Grant, which is the last book in the GONE series.


These covers are awesome

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg – That is how I felt holding the book

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg – That is how I felt when I read the first page

WAHHHOMGWTHOMGOMGIMGOINGTODIEMYLIFEISOVERHOWCOULDYOUMICHAELGRANTOYUEVILEVILHUMANBEING- That is how I felt when a character who I loved, who I had so many similarities with, died. I loved her to bits, she was my favorite character of the whole series.

She died a hero. I love this series. It’s like the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It is equal in my love for the Harry Potter series. I just – wow I’m pretty much speechless.

I was so scared for how the book would end. I’ll admit it, a tiny part of me wanted the FAYZ to carry on forever, because I knew the moment the giant dome disspaered, these brave guys, heroes, would be seen as psychopaths. They would go through so much trouble trying to clear their name, and they would… Separate. The FAYZ isn’t the same without Sam,Astrid,Caine,Dekka,Edilio,Brianna,Lana,Orc,Duck,Howard,Penny… I know I’m listing people who are dead aswell, but that’s the point. When they died, I felt like a part of me, apart of the FAYZ had died aswell. And at the end of the book, they would go back to being normal. No lighthands. No gravity defiening powers. Ordinary, apart from the horrors and tragic stuff they had been through together.

The actual book was amazing. Gaia creeped me out >_< . I loved every aspect of the book, but I definitely wanted a few more ‘Aftermath’ chapters. It was way to short for me, after 6 books of these charcters sturggling to survive, no way was I happy for around 3 or 4 chapters on what was happeneing to them now.

They should totally have a FAYZ reunion, held in Perdido beach. Can you imagine?

‘OMG . I havent seen you since you tried to kill me for food!!’

‘You look amazing! Remember after that fight how we found some rats to eat?’

‘Oh yeah… So what do you do now?’

‘I’m an accountant’

See what I mean? It would be funny as hell. Anyway I’m going to go now and go over the what I did when Harry Potter finished.


2) Crying

3) Re- Reading all the books ( and crying some more)

4) Trying to get in contact with the author to beg for more books

5) Crying

6) Googling the FAYZ

7) Finding other people that are going through the same thing as you, and cry with them

8) Crying

9) Staring at thewall, wondering what to do with my life now that it is officially over

10) Cry

So as you can see I’m real busy right now… Adios duudes 😉

Tia xoxoxx

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[My sister is SO british. She’s actually having tea. I’m British aswell, but I prefer hot chocolate. That’s pretty much  a crime, but hey, I’m a rebel]

❤ The Host – Stephenie Meyer | Book Review ❤

Hey Guys :’) ,

After I read the Twilight series I was literally scarred by reading such poorly written writing. It was very slow, and just boring to be honest. However most teen girls with a disgusting taste of books, seemed to like it, so that was good for Stephenie. When I heard about The Host I was extremely wary about whether it was worth my time reading it, as it is pretty huge. It has been sitting in the library for two years for me to read it but I have always been put off. I mean on the cover it said ‘ Author of the bestseller Eclipse’… If that isn’t going to put you off reading a book; I don’t know what is. And it also had the really freaky eye thing on the cover…

The Host cover

See what I mean about the freaky eye??

HOWEVER – I finished The Host in around 12 hours. I started in the afternoon, carried on till at least 2 in the morning, woke up at 5 and finished it off :’). That was how awesome it was. And it is an extremely thick book, around 700 pages or more

Stephenie has created a dystopian world, full of imagination, so unique and just plainly awesome. Seriously, she should have written this under a pseudonym, loads of more people probably would’ve read it.

It was set in the future, and there was no physical fighting, no wars. No one ever got sad, or was even hurt verbally. Humans were generally much more peaceful, and trusted one another completely. Violence and crime were unheard of. Money wasn’t an issue anymore since it didn’t exist. You just walked into a shop, got what you wanted and bought it back to the counter, so the shop keeper, could tally up the things he needs to buy more off. Awesome, right?

Well… The main reason everything was going so smoothly in Earth is because the citizens weren’t human. Well they still were, but they all had something inside them. A soul, or as the humans called them, a parasite. They souls were very gentle and peaceful, which is why earth is a much better place. Every single human has a soul, controlling their body, actions and even speech.

Some humans however, are still trappped inside their own bodies. They cannot move for them self, and can only talk using their bodies sometimes, but they can communicate with the soul inside their head.

Humans are pretty much extinct, apart from rebel humans, living in hiding, determined not to go towards the same doomed fate as the rest of the world. Melanie, is one of those humans. But when she is snatched and her body is made host for Wanderers soul something… out of place happens. Different. And very frightening for Wanderer. Melanie is still alive, and she demands her presence to be heard.

This is not normal at all for souls and their hosts, and without realizing it Wanderer is on a journey looking for Jared and Jamie, Melanie’s little brother and the guy she was camping with.

The book really made me think of appearances, and just how much of our character they made up. I liked the whole concept of the ‘Souls’ and the different worlds in which they lived. Much more imaginative and cool than sparkling fairy vampires.

Trust me it feels weird to be talking about how awesome a book by Stephenie Meyer is. Very weird.

But I liked and I will probably re-read it soon<3

Adios dudes 😉

Tia x

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♥ 10 Dystopian Books/Book Series To Read ♥

Hey Guys ^-^ ❤

So this is basically exactly what the title suggests. A lot of these were recommended by friends and I really need to start reading them. Most of these books are part of the ‘Dystopian’ genre which basically means the novel is set in a futuristic world, where utopia, the idea of paradise, or like heaven on earth, is gained at shocking costs.

1) The Matched Trilogy – Ally Condie – [Matched, Reached and Crossed]

Bubbles ^-^

Bubbles ^-^

2) Light – Micheal Grant [From the GONE series – GONE, HUNGER, LIES, PLAGUE, FEAR and last but not least LIGHT ! :3 ]

This is an AWESOME series guys!

This is an AWESOME series guys! Read them all apart from LIGHT which I cannot wait to start!

3) Delirium Trilogy – Lauren Oliver – [Delirium, Pandemonium and Requiem]

You should also check out 'Before I Fall' by the same author. Not dystopian, but powerful

You should also check out ‘Before I Fall’ by the same author. Not dystopian, but amazingly powerful<‘3

4) The Mortal Instruments  – Cassandra Clare – [City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire]

Must start reading these ASAP :P

Must start reading these ASAP 😛

5) The Infernal Devices – Cassandra Clare – [Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess]

The last picture reminds me of Katniss...

The last picture reminds me of Katniss…

6) Maximum Ride – James Patterson – [The Angel Experiment, Schools Out Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, MAX – A Maximum Ride Novel, FANG – A Maximum Ride Novel, ANGEL – A Maximum Ride Novel, Nevermore – The Final Maximum Ride Adventure ]

Ohhhhh... Purteyy :3

Ohhhhh… Purteyy :3

7) Uglies Series – Scott Westerfield – [Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras]

There were different covers but they freaked me out...

There were different covers but they freaked me out…

9) The Declaration – Gemma Malley – [The Decalaration, The Resistance, The Legacy]



10) Allegiant – Veronica Roth – [Divergent and Insurgent]

Again, beautiful covers! GO AMITY AND DAUNTLESS :D

Again, beautiful covers! GO AMITY AND DAUNTLESS 😀

I hope you guys liked my suggestions, and I hope you found at least one book/ book series that you really want to read



♥ Tia ♥

PS:- If you have any other suggestions that you might want me to add, email us at milliondollarrock1@gmail.com  ♥



Garden Full of Goodness [In Pictures]

Hello wonderful people,

We’ve had some great garden wonders this year and since our spring pictures went up a treat I thought I’d post some pictures for everyone to see. I’ll keep it short and simple, enjoy!


Spot the runner beans yum!

Spot the runner beans yum!


2013-09-02 17.51.23



Cute flowers ready to form a bean bud!

Cute flowers ready to form a bean bud!

2013-09-02 12.04.02 2013-09-02 12.03.38 2013-09-02 12.03.30


2013-09-02 11.56.04

Last but not least

Last but not least


Pumpkin Patch - getting watered!

Pumpkin Patch – getting watered!


Baby Pumpkin

Baby Pumpkin

More baby pumpkins =)

More baby pumpkins =)


New tomatoes growing

New tomatoes growing

2013-09-02 11.56.34 2013-09-02 11.56.44

Purple Tomatoes beginning to turn red!

Purple Tomatoes beginning to turn red!








More plums

More plums

Green Apples

Green Apples

2013-09-02 17.55.01

Red Apples

Red Apples


Red apples

Red apples

Red Apples

Red Apples

More Plums

More Plums


More berries

More berries

Coriander, well the last that's left of it, sorry guys, these smell too great, mother and I got carried away!

Coriander, well the last that’s left of it, sorry guys, these smell too great, mother and I got carried away!

Baby potatoes, forgot to take the big ones pics, and its raining!!!

Baby potatoes, forgot to take the big ones pics, and its raining!!!




More flowers

More flowers

Berry flowers!

Berry flowers!

Last pic, sorry, phones memory is full! More pics soon!

Last pic, sorry, phones memory is full! More pics soon!



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* M.U.A Collection *



I’ve been meaning to do this post ever since I got a few single eye shadows from MUA and realised what great products MUA sold for such a reasonable price. I have quite a collection now, unfortunately I have many many make up bags and couldn’t really gather all my eye shadows for pictures, but I can assure you every single one I’ve tried has been mega awesome!!



Please do take a look at our ‘Product Critique’ section for some previous reviews on certain products,

Link: https://milliondollarrock1.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/cheap-beauty-products-do-they-work-i-put-them-to-the-test/

2013-08-19 13.42.03

The best thing about make up is you never get bored of it, i have a tremendous amount of various brand make up palettes but even with the great amount of choice I always find myself picking up the ‘Undressed Palette’ which I’ve heard is a dupe for the Urban Decay ‘Naked Palette’ if you’ve tried the ‘Undress Me 2’ Palette, let me know in the comments section what you think of it! My favourite shades in this palette have got to be shade 1,2,3 and 5. They are my most used and also the ones that best suit my skin tone. I’ve almost hit pan on them, so I will be repurchasing it as soon as I get the chance. This palette is great for everyday make up uses, I even used it as part of my eid look, just use a dash of gold glitter with a neutral background and BAM!!! you have transformed into a diva!

Undressed Palette

Undressed Palette

My current favourite lip products by MUA are their power pouts, I’ve tried the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous and although I really like it, I find it difficult to splash out £8.99 on a lip product, however, I bought the MUA power Pouts for £3!!! It’s an unbeatable and unbelievable price for a product which practically does the same as Revlon. I also love the colour range, I only have two at the moment. The MUA counter in my town doesn’t sell everything and everytime I go, it’s either sold out or everything has been ripped up, tried and broken my….urm..I dunno, some crazyyy monster that clearly lives inside the MUA counter!!! Grrr…. (Please can we all unite in killing the monsters who do this….EVERYTIME!!!)

I keep meaning to buy more of these!

I keep meaning to buy more of these!


Can't go without mentioning that these lip liners are awesome, I also have the pink one with glitter in it, but I prefer the ones without, so I've given that one to my sister!

Can’t go without mentioning that these lip liners are awesome, I also have the pink one with glitter in it, but I prefer the ones without, so I’ve given that one to my sister!

So, even though, I have trouble gathering all my make up products, I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection, my room has just been vacuumed, ahhh missing the glitter, ahh well, maybe next time eh!! Glitter rocks! Oh yes, PLEASE MUA, SELL GLITTER/DAZZLE DUST POTS!! I really wannnnnnnnnt =)


Cheerio Till next time,

Peace on the streets Saan! Ooops hold up …Power to the Peaceful


(P.s I love Nyla and Bamboo)


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2013-08-19 13.40.07