The Hijab That I Wear

Don’t ask me why
I voice a little sigh

And sometimes I cry
From wondering why

The world can be cruel
People can be vicious

But sometimes I think
Life is so precious

People see me different
Sometimes they even stare

I want to call them rude
But I don’t ever dare

I have a strange dress code
Some like to think

So they stare so badly
And they don’t even blink

They don’t even realise
I don’t want the attention

Instead of receiving blank stares
I’d like some affection

At the end of the day
I try to walk with a smile on my face

I walk with my hijaab on my head
Full of modesty and grace


I love that I’m a Muslimah
I think it’s just great

But others like to mock me
And give me some hate

They give me creepy looks,
And sometimes they swear,

Sometimes I think,
Why do they even care?

As I ignore them,
And cover my hair,

I walk with humility,
With the hijab that I wear.©

Written by myself T.johura

Power to the Peaceful


A blessing in Disguise

JazakAllaah to sister Ubaydah who sent us this one,

Al-Harith ibn Suwayd related that ‘Abdullah [ibn Mas’ud] said, “I visited the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, when he was ill and he was suffering from a very high fever. I observed, ‘You have a very high fever,’ I added, ‘Is that because you will have two rewards?’ He said, ‘Yes, there is no Muslim who is afflicted by harm but that Allah will make his errors fall away from him as the leaves of a tree fall down.'” [al-Bukhari (The Book of Patients)]


SubhanAllaah even the smallest pain is a blessing in disguise.

Power to the Peaceful