❤ Bathroom Renovation ❤

Alright guys, so we have had the same blue tiles, blue shower curtains and even blue walls and accessories for THEE longest time ever! So we thought it would be a great idea if we change everything completely. I actually wasn’t all too happy about changing the blue, I loves the blue theme, in fact I was just as annoyed when we were were moving houses. I guess your brain gets attached to things quickly, well atleast mine does. However, change is good and I am already beginning to settle in to my new home and feel comfortable in it. Although, I must say, it will never be the same or as cosy!

Although I was beginning to feel god about a little changing up here and there I was not at all thrilled with how it may turn out. My parents had decided on a neutral theme, which I guess is okay, it would be completely different to our vibrant blue, but I was hoping that it just wouldn’t look so dull.

One of the first things my parents bought, were these sample tiles from B&Q (I did not know you could do that). They decided to pick a tile border first and then work put the rest from there. They brought home one sample that had gold tiles with mirrors, it was so elegant and bedazzling, the other contained greys, blacks and silvers, they were both so exquisite and well made that we all fell in love with them instantly. We all decided that the black silver and grey one would fit in brilliantly with a neutral theme but it was way too hard to part with the gold one, so instead of saying goodbye we thought we could use it in the kitchen (our kitchen was also blue) and that is exactly what we did.

I picked all the accessories myself, I thought I should pick enamel and silver, which is nothing like our old oak one. I thought it looked modern and very classy, I just loved it and so did everyone else.

Even though we didn’t need to change our bath, toilet and sink, we still did, because we are awesome like that heh. I kinda missed the old ones, this set looks a little more elegant and our old one was much more curvy and cosy and cute looking. I was kinda grumpy about that change, but we are getting used to it.

My mum picked the floor tiles and my dad picked the roof style. I was really shocked when I saw the ceiling, I guess I didn’t think it would turn out that good!

2013-05-08 14.18.08

The ever so trendy tiles with the enamel towel holder

2013-05-05 17.51.02

Before the tiles got ‘puttied’ together, the builder let me take some pictures

2013-05-08 14.19.05

Ceiling undone and check out them ugly shower curtains wahayy

2013-05-08 14.18.58

Alright so now that we bought a bath tub with a shower attached, we no longer will use the other one, it will be off limits for stinky hands and reserved for granma to use!

2013-05-08 14.18.43

Okay so my eye caught this mosaic mirror, I found a similar one in Argos but it only had two mosaic rims around the side, I preferred the three circled mosaic rims, me and my mum found this at Homebase, we were thrilled, because we were running out of time and needed to bring home a mirror before the builders disappeared. At first we found a huge rectangular one, but felt it just didn’t it this bathroom.

2013-05-08 14.18.27

Alright even though we had already bought a mirror, me and my dad decided that the mirrored cabinets looked far better than those that are solid, this is the one we opted for, which isn’t too different from our previous one, but we preferred the white over oak, for the style we had decided to go for.

2013-05-08 14.18.16

Closer look at the tub 😉

2014-01-11 11.18.54

Okay I just realised that I forgot to take pictures of the floor and ceiling, so i just took a quick picture of the ceiling right now, and it’s just real bad lighting, but it’s basically grey and silver borders, chosen by my dad! and the floor tiles are just rough style concrete floor tiles in the colour light grey, picked by my mum!

I’m glad I took all these pictures, it did take a few days to complete, but overall I am delighted at the outcome. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and hopefully gave you some ideas on how to decorate or choose a theme for your bathroom.

You won’t believe this, but I just typed the entire blog post and it all deleted and I had to re write it and it doesn’t look as great as it first did, *well that sucks*

Anyhoo, let me know if you all liked this post, more home renovation blogposts coming up!


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January Favourites (2012) – Revlon/BarryM/Rimmel/NYC/MeMeMe,

Hiiiii everyone, wow, I’ve been super busy, but I thought I’d take out some time to show you all my January product favourites, please let me know if you would like more like this, so I can do them monthly for you! =)

I’ll begin with lipsticks, because I’ve been going through a lipstick craze, I am totally and utterly obsessed right now, and that’s the nicest way of putting it. I think I’ll be buying a whole load more next month, so brace yourselves =P

I must admit I never was a big fan of lipsticks and I never did think I would be, so without further delay, here’s my top favourite lisptick picks this month:


I was desperate to try out the Revlon lip butter, I got mine in Tutti Frutti (Left) and candy apple (Right), I love them both, the colours are fab, not too pigmented but enough colour to be able to notice, super moisturising, just a great GREAT buy! The next colours I would like to try are Creme Brulé, Cotton Candy, Raspberry Pie and Berry Smoothie.



I first got Cherry Blossom (Left) and Kiss me Coral (Right), I loved them instantly, Cherry Blossom is a Pearl finish and the other is a creme finish, I love the creme finish, but they’re both moisturising. I loved them soo much and the colours are so vibrant and super pretty, the red is perfect for the cold days, it adds a touch of colour to your face.



This is Rimmel Londons Lasting Finish lipstick in Sugar Plum, I think plums look awesome in the Winter!

Another one of my favs this month.1359646382853


Although this hot orange is more a spring colour, due to my pigmented lips, the colour does not come out as bright and I wear it more like a lip balm, both the Revlon balm stain in Rendezvous and the Chit chat lipstick are pretty much the same shade on my lips. The Revlon one leaves a stain but the other does not. The chit chat costs only a £1 and is really nice on the lips, the Revlon cost £7.99 but it’s super awesome and well worth the price, I will be trying out more of the balm stains soon.

lipstick selection MDR1


I had to go back and get another Revlon so I chose a purple/pinky lipstick, nothing like the plum I showed you earlier, it’s much more vibrant and feels sooooo much nicer on the lips. This is Wild Orchid from the super Lustrous range and it is a pearl finish, I like to sometimes pat this on my lips to make it less vibrant and add a lip balm or gloss over it! =D

MDR 1 milliondollarrock1

In terms of eyeliner, I have been loving this white kohl eyeliner by NYC it has done a great job at 8:30 in the morning to make me look wide awake when I’m getting ready for work, a great buy!

million dollar rock

In terms of foundation, this has been my favourite for this month, just mix a little with moisturizer and dab it on your face, blend, and you’re good to go! Makes you look flawless and feels light on the skin like a BB cream, it also makes you look super radiant due to the blue tint.

mdr1 million dollar rock1

In theme with the flawless look, these two are great. The BarryM dazzledust in Pink/Gold, can’t find a name or number sorry, but it’s just great for this month or any month you want a bit of sparkle in your eye.

The MeMeMe Beat the Blues in MoonBeam is a dupe for the Benefit High Beam, it’s great if you want to fake a natural glow, looks great on your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow. I like to use it on the eyebrow bone and inner corner for more dazzle.


I have been loving the Wilko baby Oil for my hair this month and as you can tell I’ve used it more than my usual one, though they’re both great, I think I’ll be repurchasing my new favourite instead from now on, it has aloe vera inside it and it smells great, I love that the formula is thicker too, it’s great as a conditioning mask before you wash your hair and I’ve seen an improvement on how my hair feels too.


These have been my favourite body sprays this month, In order of my most favourite, out of all my favourites. I’ve already used up my Sainsburys one, I just lovee ittttttt, they all smell a little bit musky, which is great, I love musk.

So that’s it for my January Favourites, can’t wait till next month,


Power to the Peaceful


Hair Products I’m Loving ATM (Jan 2013)

Heyyy guys

I am obsessed with hair products and I would say I go through my hair products fairly quickly, and I have tried and tested MANYYYYY from high end to high street (Drugstore)

Here are my current favourites:

Hair Product MDR

1) Pure Coconut Oil by Inecto:

Inecto pure coconut oil

125ml which is a good amount, I got mine for £1:75 from a local Chemist which is very cheap, yayyy, and its made from Pure Coconut Oil which is fab, it smells soooo yummy, it’s meant to detangle, nourish and moisturise, and it does just that, it’s so hydrating and since I don’t use a conditioner in the bath, I rely on a great leave in one, and this is the best I have seen so far, and it works as a great detangler even when your hair isn’t damp. It comes with a pump and comes out quite runny but it doesn’t give out so much product in one pump which is great and I spray pump straight into my damp hair and comb through.


2) [Urban Therapy] twisted sista de-Frizz conditioner:

Twisted Sista de-frizz conditioner

The one I got was 200ml, I got mine for £1.99 from Bodycare.I used to get the serum version which is the clear one, it smelt strongly of watermelons which I hated and it was so small and cost a lot, but then I found this one, which is much better, it’s the cream version, the only downfall is that the other one came with a pump, but I don’t mind too much. I use this at the very ends of my hair, just the tips and use it more like a nourishing cream, it works really great since my hair ends are dryer than the rest of it. This is great as you don’t even need to use that much, I use two pea sized drops and that’s enough for the ends and I have pretty thick dense hair. It’s supposed to calm, sooth, detangle, take away frizz and make your hair ready to style. The one thing that’s really noticeable is that it makes your hair so smooth and silky after using it and definitely makes combing easier.

3) Gliss Hair repair for brittle dull hair:

I got mine for £1.99 from Superdrug, I really love the Gliss range, especially the toner and hair repair spray, not because they work great, but they leave my hair spelling sooo nice, the come in spray bottles, for ease of application, they don’t really do anything for my hair, not that I’ve noticed, but I am totally and utterly in love with the fragrance!!!! The one I am mentioning is actually a leave in conditioner, it does make your hair shiny though, but I already have glossy hair and just prefer the non shiny matte hair =D Shiny black hair tends to look grease =( *sigh*

4) Loreal Elvive Damage Care:

Its a spray version and it contains ceramide which is supposed to seal damaged hair, it smells sooo nice, I love it, certainly does not feel heavy on the hair, the lightweight feeling means you can use a lot of product but feel like you’re barely wearing anything. This one is more difficult to find, but worth trying out. Especially if you use a lot of heat on our hair.

So they are my current favourites, I am looking into a new oil for my hair, currently I’m using Johnsons baby oil/Wilko made baby oil in Aloe Vera, I love the wilko one, it smells soo nice a little bit more thicker than the Johnsons and smells nicer, works real good. I’m looking into Moroccan Oil atm, but it’s sooo darn expensive, let me know if it’s worth it if you’ve tried it out, I;ve heard mixed reviews on that one.

Well that’s all for now, hope you liked this, let me know if you want more hair product reviews,

Power to the Peaceful

Fashion Guru: Winter Edition (2013)

Hiya Folks!

I don’t know about your current weather condition but in Luton it is currently SNOWING yayyyyy!

I love the snow, slightly saddened this time though, as my cat has disappeared and is nowhere to be found *sigh*

Anyways, here are some snowy/wintery wardrobe ideas for you all

Winter Scarves:

Million Dollar Rock

£22 from Monsoon


£6 from PEACOCK


£25 River Island

Winter Jumpers:


£14.99 from New Look


£35 from NEXT


£32 from NEXT


£18 from PEACOCK


£35 from Debenham

Winter Boots:


£34.99 from New Look


£62 from NEXT




£26.99 from Schuh


£84.99 from Schuh

Winter Coats:


£49.99 from TK MAXX


£30 from PEACOCK


£75 from NEXT


£54 from Debenham

I hope you liked the selection, more to come hopefully, coming on with a bit of a cold, so not sure when, I was supposed to have uploaded my Spring collection draft but I have totally forgotten about it, so it will be up soon!!! ASAP,

Power to the Peaceful

Bourjois Paris: Healthy Mix Foundation Review

Hi everyone,

Today I’ll be reviewing the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (Duh!) I really like this foundation, really reminds me of one of my Estee Lauder ones, but I can’t recall the name, OOPS!

Bourjois Healthy Mix

Cost: £9.99 This is how much it cost me, you may find it cheaper or more expensive elsewhere, but I got mine from Boots
Available in: Boots/Superdrugs (Any other Highstreet Retailer/drugstore)

The shade I got mine in, is 54, the shade name is Beige, which comes out quite dark on my face, which means I got the wrong colour, but I’m not that fussed, because it blends in nicely and doesn’t leave any streaky marks from my brush/applicator. They do have a nice range of colours available, but unfortunately you can only test on your hands and my hand isn’t the same colour as my face, weird I know!

Shade 54 Beige

Application: It applies very smoothly and has a soft satin-like texture, it feels great and lightweight on your skin. It reminds me of BB creams, it’s that lightweight and leaves a subtle glow/dewyness on the skin, which I love!!! Mind you, it doesn’t make you look shiny or oily, just dewy, which I think looks great and natural. The actual product feels like a cream but a little more runny, but you can totally control how much you want to use, the pump is just great. It does have a smell, but it’s not noticeable, it’s not a bad smell either and it’s not a smell I can relate to anything else, but I didn’t notice it when I used it, I only noticed it when I sniffed it now =D


Coverage: I would say it has a medium to full coverage, I used less than one pump which is very little and I used this on my whole face and it covered all my redness and evened out my skin tone perfectly. I do believe if you use one pump, that would be enough to cover your whole face and neck. I don’t really have blemishes on my face, but I certainly have discolouration from when I was younger and I had eczema on my face =( and it totally took them away, which is fab! I did however need to use my concealer on my hideous under eye dark circles, but they’re real bad lately!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Ingredients: This product has some really strange ingredients I don’t remember seeing in any other foundation I’ve used, but I really don’t mind them. Not sure if they’re going to benefit my skin, but at least I don’t feel like I’m ruining my skin by using this product =P It has Apricot for radiance/Melon for hydration/Apple as an antioxidant and Ginger for Energy

Lasting Power: It says it’s supposed to last for 16hrs, I mean I don’t wear my foundation for that long, but the longest I wore it for was 6 hrs and it did last without touch ups!!! And I didn’t even set my foundation with powder once, which is great. I have normal to dry skin, so I didn’t feel the need, but people with oily skin might have to set this with powder.

Overall I think this product is super EXCELLENT and I recommend it to you all!!!!!!!!!!! I love that it makes you glow and I love love loveee the pump!!

Disclaimer: This product has been bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with this company. I never accept money in exchange for positive feedback. All of the comment stated above are my own HONEST opinions.

Power to the Peaceful