Grilled Chicken Tikka ❣ (TJ style)

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Today i will be sharing a chicken tikka recipe, this is so simple to make but one of my favourites. It smells and tastes so good, you just have to try it. I’m just going to let you all know now, the pictures don’t give this dish any justice!

What you need:

1) A bowl
2) Teaspoon
3) Mixing Spoon/Spatula
4) Knife
5) Chopping Board


1) Chicken (duh)
2) Garlic
3) Onion (quarter approx)
4) Turmeric powder (quarter teaspoon)
5) Chilli Powder  (quarter teaspoon)
6) Ginger Powder  (quarter teaspoon)
7) Kashmiri Paste (1 teaspoon)
8) Tandoori masala powder
9) Lime (a small squeeze of lime juice)
10) Vinegar (a few drops to moisturise the tandoori powder
11) Pickle of you choice (I used Hot Mango by Pataks)
12) Olives (if you wish)
13) Pickle
14) splash of oil (of your choice – I used Sunflower)
15) Salt (very important)
16) Coriander (If you wish any other herb, I love the smell of coriander and thyme, both of which can be easily homegrown)


2014-01-11 13.19.37

1) Firstly begin by cutting the breast of the chicken into small chunks like I have done above, I sometimes put in small bony parts of chicken too, tastes great, like wings YUM!

2014-01-11 13.19.28

2) Secondly cut garlic into small pieces, you don’t need as much as I have cut above, you only need a small amount, less than a teaspoon.

Take the garlic and a pinch of salt and smear it all over your chicken. make sure the Chicken has been washed thoroughly, remember you’re working with raw meat.

2014-01-11 13.24.33

3) Once that is complete your chicken will feel silky from the salt, that’s when you know it has reached all areas (wahayy!!) After that add a quarter of an onion sliced or diced very thinly, I’ve cooked mine on slow heat until it has softened, but you don’t need to do this step, often I use uncooked onion and it cooks fine later on.

2014-01-11 13.26.01

4) Next is my favourite step! This is where your chicken gets all it’s vibrant colour. Add the chilli powder, turmeric powder and ginger powder. You could always use ‘five spice’, which is a blend of five essential spices, but sometimes I find that too strong, so I stuck with these three. You could always use fresh ginger or ginger paste too.

2014-01-11 13.27.25

5) Once you’ve stirred that in, it will look so tasty….BUT!!! don’t eat it just yet, even if it does look mouth watering 😉 Add one teaspoon of kashmiri paste, you do not need the tandoori powder if you’re using the kashmiri paste, but I like to, as I feel the powder adds more colour.

2014-01-11 13.30.10

6) Now add the tandoori powder, don’t worry if it looks dry at this stage, we will be adding liquids soon.

2014-01-11 13.31.10

7) Now take a lime of your choice, if you wish you can add lemon juice instead. Cut into small slices, you only need the juice of one or two slices, not the whole thing. Add a few drops of vinegar until the mixture is less dry.

2014-01-11 13.33.35

8) This step is optional but I find that it makes all the difference. Choose your favourite pickle, I chose a spicy one, but you don’t need to. Take one spoon of your pickle and add it to the chicken. Also in this step drizzle a tiny bit of oil, we won’t be applying any oil to our dish, but instead use a non stick dish.

9) Mix everything together and you’re done. I left my chicken to marinade overnight, but one hour is good enough, all the ingredients are strong enough to flavour the chicken straight away.

10) Grill on a low mark until it’s steamy and well cooked.

2014-01-11 13.34.15
The kashmiri paste and hot mango pickle were both by Pataks, they make the best pickles, I bought both of these from Sainsbury’s! The tandoori powder was by East End, I bought mine from a small Green Grocers.

2014-01-11 13.34.58

You can add any vegetables to your mix, to make it taste better and personalise it, for example I add Olives if I’m making it for my dad, Olives are very good for you!

2014-01-11 13.35.41

Garnish with coriander or any herbs of your choice

Serving suggestions:

Serve with rice or inside a pitta bread

2014-01-12 15.04.25

mmm. Enjoy!

I hope you all enjoyed this post,

Until next time, tara folks!








January Favourites (2012) – Revlon/BarryM/Rimmel/NYC/MeMeMe,

Hiiiii everyone, wow, I’ve been super busy, but I thought I’d take out some time to show you all my January product favourites, please let me know if you would like more like this, so I can do them monthly for you! =)

I’ll begin with lipsticks, because I’ve been going through a lipstick craze, I am totally and utterly obsessed right now, and that’s the nicest way of putting it. I think I’ll be buying a whole load more next month, so brace yourselves =P

I must admit I never was a big fan of lipsticks and I never did think I would be, so without further delay, here’s my top favourite lisptick picks this month:


I was desperate to try out the Revlon lip butter, I got mine in Tutti Frutti (Left) and candy apple (Right), I love them both, the colours are fab, not too pigmented but enough colour to be able to notice, super moisturising, just a great GREAT buy! The next colours I would like to try are Creme Brulé, Cotton Candy, Raspberry Pie and Berry Smoothie.



I first got Cherry Blossom (Left) and Kiss me Coral (Right), I loved them instantly, Cherry Blossom is a Pearl finish and the other is a creme finish, I love the creme finish, but they’re both moisturising. I loved them soo much and the colours are so vibrant and super pretty, the red is perfect for the cold days, it adds a touch of colour to your face.



This is Rimmel Londons Lasting Finish lipstick in Sugar Plum, I think plums look awesome in the Winter!

Another one of my favs this month.1359646382853


Although this hot orange is more a spring colour, due to my pigmented lips, the colour does not come out as bright and I wear it more like a lip balm, both the Revlon balm stain in Rendezvous and the Chit chat lipstick are pretty much the same shade on my lips. The Revlon one leaves a stain but the other does not. The chit chat costs only a £1 and is really nice on the lips, the Revlon cost £7.99 but it’s super awesome and well worth the price, I will be trying out more of the balm stains soon.

lipstick selection MDR1


I had to go back and get another Revlon so I chose a purple/pinky lipstick, nothing like the plum I showed you earlier, it’s much more vibrant and feels sooooo much nicer on the lips. This is Wild Orchid from the super Lustrous range and it is a pearl finish, I like to sometimes pat this on my lips to make it less vibrant and add a lip balm or gloss over it! =D

MDR 1 milliondollarrock1

In terms of eyeliner, I have been loving this white kohl eyeliner by NYC it has done a great job at 8:30 in the morning to make me look wide awake when I’m getting ready for work, a great buy!

million dollar rock

In terms of foundation, this has been my favourite for this month, just mix a little with moisturizer and dab it on your face, blend, and you’re good to go! Makes you look flawless and feels light on the skin like a BB cream, it also makes you look super radiant due to the blue tint.

mdr1 million dollar rock1

In theme with the flawless look, these two are great. The BarryM dazzledust in Pink/Gold, can’t find a name or number sorry, but it’s just great for this month or any month you want a bit of sparkle in your eye.

The MeMeMe Beat the Blues in MoonBeam is a dupe for the Benefit High Beam, it’s great if you want to fake a natural glow, looks great on your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow. I like to use it on the eyebrow bone and inner corner for more dazzle.


I have been loving the Wilko baby Oil for my hair this month and as you can tell I’ve used it more than my usual one, though they’re both great, I think I’ll be repurchasing my new favourite instead from now on, it has aloe vera inside it and it smells great, I love that the formula is thicker too, it’s great as a conditioning mask before you wash your hair and I’ve seen an improvement on how my hair feels too.


These have been my favourite body sprays this month, In order of my most favourite, out of all my favourites. I’ve already used up my Sainsburys one, I just lovee ittttttt, they all smell a little bit musky, which is great, I love musk.

So that’s it for my January Favourites, can’t wait till next month,


Power to the Peaceful


Dry Skin? Find the Perfect Moisturiser: Top 5

It’s been a long time since I blogged, but I thought that I should get a move on with this section (Hooray)

Since Winter is only round the corner, we need to prepare for the harsh wind that may dry up our skins natural moisture, I will be mentioning a few products that have worked for me.

All of the products mentioned are my favourites, but I will list them from my least favourite to my most favourite…out of all my favourites, I hope that wasn’t too difficult to understand!

Number 5) Aveeno



Aveeno is a Moisturising Cream made with Colloidal Oatmeal, made for dry/sensitive skin, it feels cool on the skin without feeling oily like most moisturisers tend to. It also helps to retain natural moisturising oils in your skin.

Cost: Around £4.50 (can be more expensive, depending on where you buy this product)
Available from: Boots, Superdrugs, Sainsburys and their website

Number 4) Body Butter

Body Butter

Body Butter

Cotten Tree Body Butter is made out of cocoa. It is supposed to Hydrate, Moisturise and leave the skin feeling smooth. I really like this product, it smells good and does make the skin feel smooth, the only downfall is that when you first apply the product it leaves the skin feeling a little bit sticky and I hate that feeling.

Cost: Ranges from £4 – £13
Available from:

Number 3) Dove Rich Nourishment Cream

Dove Rich Nourishment

Dove Rich Nourishment

The Dove Rich Nourishment cream is great. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. However, it was less sticky than the Body Butter, but it does not look oily on the skin, especially if you use a little, I tend to just use this on my face, but it’s been created to use all over the body.

Cost: Ranges from £1.25 – £3.00
Available from:, Sainsbury

Number 2) Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser

Nivea Rich Nourishing

Nivea Rich Nourishing

The Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser has been specifically tailored for people with dry skin. This product contains Almond oil, which is supposed to intensively moisturise your dry skin. The product specifies that it restores and replenishes lost moisture, enhances the skins natural protective layer, promotes a non stop moisture supply. It claims to last 24hrs+, which is absolutely brilliant. I only use this cream at night-time and it leaves my skin feeling cool and smooth and I wake up with great feeling soft skin.

Cost: Ranges from £3.50 – £4.50
Available from: Boots

Number 1) Dove Silky Nourishment Cream

Dove Silky

Dove Silky

The Dove Silky Nourishment body Cream is my most favourite it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft like a babies bottom! I’m glad they used the word ‘Silky’ in their product name, because that’s exactly how your skin feels after you use it, it contains essential oils to deeply nourish your skin. I found that it works best when used straight after a shower, it feels great, it’s a must have for people with dry skin!!! You won’t know how brill it is, until you’ve tried it! A similar product is the Nivea Soft/Refreshingly soft cream, but I prefer the Dove as it smells much better!!!

Cost: £3.00 – £5.00
Available from: Superdrug

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I have purchased all of the products above with my own money. I do not accept money in exchange for positive feedback. All of the opinions stated in my blog post are my own HONEST opinions.

I hope this post is beneficial to everyone!

Power to the Peaceful