PurinaOne: 3 Week Trial Update

Hey people,

I just thought it’s about time I let you know how the trial went.

On his first day I let him trial PurinaOne with his usual dry food and he seemed to enjoy it. I’ve never used dry food as a meal, always as a snack, so it was different for him and me.

At first I was worried as Shiibou (My cat) doesn’t really drink water but just licks a bit and drinks mainly milk, I thought that the dry food might make him sick.

But to be honest I’ve found that it helped him get stronger and happier.

<img src="Image and video hosting by TinyPic” alt=”Shiibou” />

The first change I noticed was how soft his fur was becoming (The leaflet said you would notice this in the last week, week 3, but I noticed in the first week) His coat is naturally thick, probably because he’s an outdoor cat and it was normally dry and brittle. But it became soft to touch and so much more glossier, he already started looking healthy and I was so happy.

The next change was in his energy and adventurousness. He was already a good hunter but he was so full of energy that his aim became better and better and begun to catch small birds in my garden too =(

The leaflet suggests that a cats eyes will also go brighter in week 3, unfortunately I did not see a change in Shiibou’s eyes, they were dull and still are dull,

But he’s still happy and healthier than ever, so, I’m very happy I’ve found something new that he enjoys AND is good for him.



So basically if you don’t already know, I am the owner/surrogate mother of the cutest male cat in the world, (well according to me this is a fact but you might not agree)

At just 2 years old, he is a crazy fat kitty with a lot of appetite, energy and love. Oh by the way his name is Shiibou.

Shiibou recently won a PurinaOne competition and won lot’s of goodies for himself and his girfriends in my neighbourhood.

Shiibou is currently trying out the PurinaOne three week challenge and I’m already seeing a big difference in skin and he’s getting a much glossier coat!!! Hooray!

Anyways, I shall be sure to keep you updated on how well it is going and will try and upload some pictures of my little fat cutie =)

Ciao for now

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