❤ The Host – Stephenie Meyer | Book Review ❤

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After I read the Twilight series I was literally scarred by reading such poorly written writing. It was very slow, and just boring to be honest. However most teen girls with a disgusting taste of books, seemed to like it, so that was good for Stephenie. When I heard about The Host I was extremely wary about whether it was worth my time reading it, as it is pretty huge. It has been sitting in the library for two years for me to read it but I have always been put off. I mean on the cover it said ‘ Author of the bestseller Eclipse’… If that isn’t going to put you off reading a book; I don’t know what is. And it also had the really freaky eye thing on the cover…

The Host cover

See what I mean about the freaky eye??

HOWEVER – I finished The Host in around 12 hours. I started in the afternoon, carried on till at least 2 in the morning, woke up at 5 and finished it off :’). That was how awesome it was. And it is an extremely thick book, around 700 pages or more

Stephenie has created a dystopian world, full of imagination, so unique and just plainly awesome. Seriously, she should have written this under a pseudonym, loads of more people probably would’ve read it.

It was set in the future, and there was no physical fighting, no wars. No one ever got sad, or was even hurt verbally. Humans were generally much more peaceful, and trusted one another completely. Violence and crime were unheard of. Money wasn’t an issue anymore since it didn’t exist. You just walked into a shop, got what you wanted and bought it back to the counter, so the shop keeper, could tally up the things he needs to buy more off. Awesome, right?

Well… The main reason everything was going so smoothly in Earth is because the citizens weren’t human. Well they still were, but they all had something inside them. A soul, or as the humans called them, a parasite. They souls were very gentle and peaceful, which is why earth is a much better place. Every single human has a soul, controlling their body, actions and even speech.

Some humans however, are still trappped inside their own bodies. They cannot move for them self, and can only talk using their bodies sometimes, but they can communicate with the soul inside their head.

Humans are pretty much extinct, apart from rebel humans, living in hiding, determined not to go towards the same doomed fate as the rest of the world. Melanie, is one of those humans. But when she is snatched and her body is made host for Wanderers soul something… out of place happens. Different. And very frightening for Wanderer. Melanie is still alive, and she demands her presence to be heard.

This is not normal at all for souls and their hosts, and without realizing it Wanderer is on a journey looking for Jared and Jamie, Melanie’s little brother and the guy she was camping with.

The book really made me think of appearances, and just how much of our character they made up. I liked the whole concept of the ‘Souls’ and the different worlds in which they lived. Much more imaginative and cool than sparkling fairy vampires.

Trust me it feels weird to be talking about how awesome a book by Stephenie Meyer is. Very weird.

But I liked and I will probably re-read it soon<3

Adios dudes 😉

Tia x

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♥ The Raven Boys ♥ – Maggie Stiefvater ♥ | Review ♥

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This is going to be a review on the book “The Raven Boys”

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater | Book Cover

The Raven Boys – Maggie Stiefvater | Book Cover

There are two main characters in the book: Blue and Gansey. Blue, the physics daughter, has made a pact with herself, to never get involved with boys.On Saint Marks Eve, every year Blue and her mother go to an old abandoned churchyard, to seek out the spirits, of those that were going to die. Blue, herself has never seen anyone… Her seeing a spirit can only mean it’s her true love.So when she sees Gansey it comes as a shock. A rich snobby boy, and a student of Aglionby boys, also known as The Raven Boys, Blue knows they can only mean trouble, and is determined to stay away from him.

Gansey, has his own troubles.He has his life quest of finding Glendower, the lost Welsh King, whose body is hidden somewhere along the ley line, to fulfill. Gansey, intelligent and wise, believes in magic, and believes he owes his life to Glendower… His best friends do not make his life easier.

Meet Gansey’s best friends: Ronan, a misunderstood boy, violent and still hurting from his fathers death. Fights with his brother do not make life easier, and when Ronan makes friends with a raven, he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Adam is a shy, intelligent boy, from a shadowy family. His father abuses him, but Adam refuses to live with Gansey. Adam is trying to find his own image, and he most certainly doesn’t want to be owned.

Noah. Mysterious. Kind. And oh yeah… Why isn’t he in any of the other boys classes? Why doesn’t Noah ever eat? This is a mystery the rest of the boys will figure out together.

These 5 young adults are bought together in fate, and will help one another find the missing pieces in their lives.


If I had to sum this book up in one words: WOW!

Literally, I was reading it as fast as possible, because the plot was so intriguing but I didn’t want the book to ever end! 😥

Rating? DEFINITELY 5 out of 5: *****

Thanks To My friend Eshter ( is that how you spell your name?!) For letting me borrow it… My life is complete! ❤

Now Guys, if you like watching trailer here is the link to the official one.. It’s very spooky, and Maggie did the music herself! This trailer is perfect for the book so guys check it out.. You will LOVE it as much as I do.. I know it!!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this review.. Please check the book out it is AWESOME 😀

Lots Of Love ^_^

Tia<3 xoxo

***This is 100% my opinion and I’m not getting paid to write this review. Promise.***

The Hijab That I Wear

Don’t ask me why
I voice a little sigh

And sometimes I cry
From wondering why

The world can be cruel
People can be vicious

But sometimes I think
Life is so precious

People see me different
Sometimes they even stare

I want to call them rude
But I don’t ever dare

I have a strange dress code
Some like to think

So they stare so badly
And they don’t even blink

They don’t even realise
I don’t want the attention

Instead of receiving blank stares
I’d like some affection

At the end of the day
I try to walk with a smile on my face

I walk with my hijaab on my head
Full of modesty and grace


I love that I’m a Muslimah
I think it’s just great

But others like to mock me
And give me some hate

They give me creepy looks,
And sometimes they swear,

Sometimes I think,
Why do they even care?

As I ignore them,
And cover my hair,

I walk with humility,
With the hijab that I wear.©

Written by myself T.johura

Power to the Peaceful

The Children Of Gaza

We don’t live near you
But you’re still close

We remember your innocence
Our gentle rose

You may feel lonely
As you shed a silent tear

The loud noises of guns
The bombs you hear

Wounds cut deep
Ever so sore

Guns still going off
Bombs outside your door

You’re just little
You barely understand

That they’re hurting you
Just for your land

We don’t know when it will end
We wish our prayers will help you mend

At times we’re happy
And at times we’re sad

Our life’s much easier than yours
We’re glad

God made you strong
We wouldn’t have coped

May God make you stronger
And give you some hope

One day you’ll win
And everyone will see

Palestine is yours
And Gaza is free©

Pray for Palestine

Written by T.JOHURA 02/12/2012

Power to the Peaceful

These girls…

These girls they always make me laugh
I’ve never met them face to face
They’re all uniquely different
In personality and race

I wish they lived next to me
We would have so much fun
We can ridicule each other
I’d poke then and run

They never seem to care
If you’re poorly and in a mood
When I’m sick and feeling glum
People usually say I’m rude

They always keep me happy
And pray for me always
These friends they are hard to find
I met these friends online.

Best Friends

Written by TJ, especially dedicated to my best friends, who came into my life as a nobody and I ended up keeping them in my life forever.

Power to the Peaceful