♥ Tips For Long Haul Flights ♥

Summer has arrived, and more and more people are hopping onto a plane to escape to somewhere, to take a break fro their present lives. Me and Tj and our family are no different, in a few days time we are going to go to  Bangladesh to visit friends and family, and honestly we cannot wait! You guys may remember we also recently went to Italy, which we have dedicated an entire post to! In fact, I am blessed to say that at 14 I have been on many plane rides, and have gathered some tips along the way, and today I decided to share them with you guys! 😀 So, without further adue, here are some tips for long flights!


This picture makes me feel so excited 😀


1) Pack your carry on efficiently- If you’re given the option to take a carry on, make a checklist of everything you’ll need in the airport and on your flight, and check it before you leave the house. Make sure the bag you choose is durable, aswell as pretty 😉

2) Dress for comfort – Your flight is going to be extremely long, and the last thing that you want is to be uncomfortable throughout the entire thing! Wear layers if possible, as airplanes can become very cold

3) Wear sandals, or ballet flats-Avoid shoes with laces, as they may become a hassle when you are going through security

4) Invest in a neck pillow- Sleeping is a good thing to do with the long hours of a flight, but it can be uncomfortable sometimes. Using one of these helps ensure you don’t get crooked after an awakward resting position, and using it backwards will prevent your head from drooping onto your chest! 😀

5)Bring headphones- If you’re one of those people that just can’t hack noisy places, then grabbing a pair of headphones is a must. You can listen to music on the way, and a good quality one will also block out the rest of the noise.

6) Bring an eyemask- Airplanes have weird schedules for when they turn off the lights, and it may not suit your sleeping routine. An eyemask will help block out the light, and let you sleep comfortably.

7) Walk through the aisles regularly- You can also do in flight exercises or stretch when you’re in the bathroom to prevent your legs for aching after the flight.

8) Hydrate regularly- Don’t be afraid to ask for water during your flight, or ask for ice to be added to it

9) Moisturize regularly- The heavy air conditioning on planes can leave your skin and lips very dry, so remember to bring a moisturizer, as well as a lipbalm with you.

10) Chew Gum- This helps to prevent your ears from popping. Sucking on a lollipop will also help.

11) Don’t check the time regularly- It will make the flight seem much longer.

12) Bring entertainment- This could be books, magazines, or even a tablet. Airplane rides are long, so make sure you have pkenty to do. You could even try completing some work and being productive! 😀

13) Go to the bathroom before you land- Try and go half an hour before, to freshen yourself up. This could include, fixing your hair or headscarf and reapplying your makeup.

14) Bring your essentials- You are going to need tissues. And hand sanitizer because airplanes are germy places. Remember your toothpaste and toothbrush aswell, although most of the time these are provided for you on long flights.

15) Charge Electronics- Remember to charge any electronics you’re taking the night before the flight. If you are thinking of using them on the plane, you may want to invest in a portable charger

16) Choose seats that are suitable to you- You want to have an aisle seat if you move around a lot, a window seat if you’re planning to rest etc

17) Check the amount of liquid you can take- Most airlines have restrictions on the amount of liquid you can bring with you. Put all your liquids in travel size containers to maximize space, and put cling film on before screwing the lids to prevent spillages. Put all of your liquids in a clear Ziploc bag

18) Be polite- From being on so many plane rides since I was little, I had learnt that being polite is so important to avoid your fellow passengers from turning hostile. Don’t be too loud, or invade other passengers personal space. That being said I have made a lot of friend on planes! 😀

19) Sleep Well- The night before remember to have a good sleep. Flying can be very stressful sometimes and you want to be prepared

20) Enjoy the trip!- Have fun, relax and enjoy your flight to the best of your ability! 😀


To conclude this let me say I absolute love planes. Some people get bored or sick, but I just find the entire experience exhilirating if I’m completely honest! From the packing, to meeting new people… Just all of it! One of my families favourite aspects of being on a plane is seeing if the air hostess offers me the little treat bag they reserve for little kids, as I am extremely petite fora 14 year old.They find it very funny when I do get them 😛 I also vaguely remember climbing over the seats when I was a child which must have been extremely annoying haha 😀 I love watching movies and listening to music on airplanes, and trying to survive the food 😛 The view, is of course a huge plus!


So tell me guys… Give me an airplane memory that you treasure, GO! 😀

I cannot wait to jump on the plane on Sunday eeek so happy 😀

Bye guys ♥

Tia ♥♥♥♥



The Hijab That I Wear

Don’t ask me why
I voice a little sigh

And sometimes I cry
From wondering why

The world can be cruel
People can be vicious

But sometimes I think
Life is so precious

People see me different
Sometimes they even stare

I want to call them rude
But I don’t ever dare

I have a strange dress code
Some like to think

So they stare so badly
And they don’t even blink

They don’t even realise
I don’t want the attention

Instead of receiving blank stares
I’d like some affection

At the end of the day
I try to walk with a smile on my face

I walk with my hijaab on my head
Full of modesty and grace


I love that I’m a Muslimah
I think it’s just great

But others like to mock me
And give me some hate

They give me creepy looks,
And sometimes they swear,

Sometimes I think,
Why do they even care?

As I ignore them,
And cover my hair,

I walk with humility,
With the hijab that I wear.©

Written by myself T.johura

Power to the Peaceful

What are you doing for Gaza? [Part 2]

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was yet again another day of Fundraising at Al-Hikmah Girls School,

We had:
Face Painting
Hand Printing
Mendhi (Henna) Hand art

Unfortunately I had to teach! The girls had lot’s of exams to do, so I guess I had to be there, but they did get a chance to join in afterwards during their break time, which was a fab treat for my hard-working students and also a great stress reliever =P

Here are some pictures, sorry I couldn’t take pictures of the flags printed on their face, but here’s some of the hand art and hand prints.

Henna Art
Henna Art
Palestine Hand Print

Palestine Hand Print

Palestine Hand Prints Drying Off In The Office

Palestine Hand Prints Drying Off In The Office

At the end of the day we raised £907.30 which is an unbelievable achievement!!!

May Allaah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) reward all those that took part in the Fundraiser, either through donating/helping/buying/or bringing in things to sell, May Allaah make this money beneficial for those in Gaza and May Allaah bless us and help us to help the Ummah further, Aameen.

Power To The Peaceful

The Children Of Gaza

We don’t live near you
But you’re still close

We remember your innocence
Our gentle rose

You may feel lonely
As you shed a silent tear

The loud noises of guns
The bombs you hear

Wounds cut deep
Ever so sore

Guns still going off
Bombs outside your door

You’re just little
You barely understand

That they’re hurting you
Just for your land

We don’t know when it will end
We wish our prayers will help you mend

At times we’re happy
And at times we’re sad

Our life’s much easier than yours
We’re glad

God made you strong
We wouldn’t have coped

May God make you stronger
And give you some hope

One day you’ll win
And everyone will see

Palestine is yours
And Gaza is free©

Pray for Palestine

Written by T.JOHURA 02/12/2012

Power to the Peaceful

A blessing in Disguise

JazakAllaah to sister Ubaydah who sent us this one,

Al-Harith ibn Suwayd related that ‘Abdullah [ibn Mas’ud] said, “I visited the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, when he was ill and he was suffering from a very high fever. I observed, ‘You have a very high fever,’ I added, ‘Is that because you will have two rewards?’ He said, ‘Yes, there is no Muslim who is afflicted by harm but that Allah will make his errors fall away from him as the leaves of a tree fall down.'” [al-Bukhari (The Book of Patients)]


SubhanAllaah even the smallest pain is a blessing in disguise.

Power to the Peaceful