What are you doing for Gaza? [Part 2]

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was yet again another day of Fundraising at Al-Hikmah Girls School,

We had:
Face Painting
Hand Printing
Mendhi (Henna) Hand art

Unfortunately I had to teach! The girls had lot’s of exams to do, so I guess I had to be there, but they did get a chance to join in afterwards during their break time, which was a fab treat for my hard-working students and also a great stress reliever =P

Here are some pictures, sorry I couldn’t take pictures of the flags printed on their face, but here’s some of the hand art and hand prints.

Henna Art
Henna Art
Palestine Hand Print

Palestine Hand Print

Palestine Hand Prints Drying Off In The Office

Palestine Hand Prints Drying Off In The Office

At the end of the day we raised £907.30 which is an unbelievable achievement!!!

May Allaah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) reward all those that took part in the Fundraiser, either through donating/helping/buying/or bringing in things to sell, May Allaah make this money beneficial for those in Gaza and May Allaah bless us and help us to help the Ummah further, Aameen.

Power To The Peaceful

What are you doing for Gaza? [Part 1]

There is always a space in our hearts as to help others facing hardship around us. And as Muslims it is our duty to try our best to take care of the Ummah (Muslim Brotherhood)

Al-Hikmah Girls Fundraiser

So what are we doing for Gaza? It might be making dua (Supplication), raising money for them, sending them food/medicine packages etc

Our Gaza Charity Appeal

Our Gaza Charity Appeal

Which one are you doing, if any? Or have we forgotten about them completely?

Al-Hikmah Girls Gaza Fundraiser

Al-Hikmah Girls Gaza Fundraiser

On Monday the 3rd of December 2012, Al-Hikmah Girls School decided to start a Fundraiser in aid of our brothers and sisters in Gaza. The girls came in wearing the colours of the Palestine flag, it was great seeing an Ocean of colours come into the school, their faces were gleaming with happiness as I took some pictures of the wonderful and delicious food they had brought in to sell. I even over-heard one of the teachers tell the students to cover their Banoffee Pie in case she drools all over it =D

Stall Yr 7

Stall Yr 7

Stall - Yr 7

Stall – Yr 7

Stall Yr- 7

Stall Yr- 7

Stall Yr - 9

Stall Yr – 9

Stall - Yr9

Stall – Yr9

Stall - Year 8

Stall – Year 8

Stall - Yr 8

Stall – Yr 8

Stall - Yr 11

Stall – Yr 11

Stall - Year 9

Stall – Year 9

Stall - Yr 7

Stall – Yr 7

There were a lot of stalls and the tables were packed with things for you to buy, from cakes, to hot food like pizza, sweets and even milkshakes!

There were a few problems we encountered such as the chocolate fountain mishap and there not being enough tables for the students to use, but they just kept on going because they knew they had to try their best for Gaza and raise as much as possible.

I didn’t get to take pictures of everything, I wish that I did, but the girls selling tactics were so great, it wasn’t long before most of the stalls had sold out!

At the end of a hectic day we raised over £500 and we’re still counting! I think theres face painting today, woohoo, more pics to come inshaAllaah.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our fab fundraiser day,

Power to the Peaceful

About Al-Hikmah: (Just incase you want to know)
Al- Hikmah is a Muslim Girls School situated in Luton.
The Head Teacher is Ashfaque Chowdhury, who is also the current head of AMS (Association of Muslim Schools)
Links: http://www.ams-uk.org/ http://www.alhikmahgirls.com/

Disclaimer: All of the pictures are my own, taken on the day, by myself, while the girls were setting up.

The Children Of Gaza

We don’t live near you
But you’re still close

We remember your innocence
Our gentle rose

You may feel lonely
As you shed a silent tear

The loud noises of guns
The bombs you hear

Wounds cut deep
Ever so sore

Guns still going off
Bombs outside your door

You’re just little
You barely understand

That they’re hurting you
Just for your land

We don’t know when it will end
We wish our prayers will help you mend

At times we’re happy
And at times we’re sad

Our life’s much easier than yours
We’re glad

God made you strong
We wouldn’t have coped

May God make you stronger
And give you some hope

One day you’ll win
And everyone will see

Palestine is yours
And Gaza is free©

Pray for Palestine

Written by T.JOHURA 02/12/2012

Power to the Peaceful