The Children Of Gaza

We don’t live near you
But you’re still close

We remember your innocence
Our gentle rose

You may feel lonely
As you shed a silent tear

The loud noises of guns
The bombs you hear

Wounds cut deep
Ever so sore

Guns still going off
Bombs outside your door

You’re just little
You barely understand

That they’re hurting you
Just for your land

We don’t know when it will end
We wish our prayers will help you mend

At times we’re happy
And at times we’re sad

Our life’s much easier than yours
We’re glad

God made you strong
We wouldn’t have coped

May God make you stronger
And give you some hope

One day you’ll win
And everyone will see

Palestine is yours
And Gaza is free©

Pray for Palestine

Written by T.JOHURA 02/12/2012

Power to the Peaceful

Making Money, BUT not for you

Working hard,
And making money,
That’s what I wanna do,

No looking out,
Waiting on someone,
No relying on somebody,

I wanna make my own cash,
And spend it on my own,

Might save a little,
For the nice friends I’ve known,

Probs won’t give any,
To the ones who make it hard,

Why should I bother,
Go on tell me why?
Why should I?

Don’t look to me for help
Or look to me for support

No I won’t be friendly
Nor will I be nice
To the bullies in my life

Though I tried hard to survive
In my grief-stricken life

Don’t expect me to give companionship
Even if it’s all that you ask

I’ll look you in the eye
And say sorry mate I’ll pass



Dedicated to the meanies I know, written by TJ

Power to the Peaceful

Who We Are.

Let’s see
Who we are

We have similarities
And differences
We’re the same
Not in appearances

We’re both sometimes weak
But we make each other strong

Mostly she’s right
And sometimes I’m wrong

I am older
But she’s more mature
Shes clever
I like to think
That I am also

She likes neon pink
I like coral

I like it all gothic
She likes it floral

Sometimes I’m moody
She can be hyper

Her room stinks
Like a babies diaper

I like to sing
She likes to dance

And if she let me kiss her
I’d take up the chance!

Arguing and bickering is horrible we hate it
Its worthless and useless
So we tend to avoid it

But our sistership is great,
And we really love it
everyday we’re blessed and dressed
To impress

Our sisterlyness
Is just priceless

Tj & Tia

Written by TJ, dedicated to my BFF and little sister Tia

Power to the Peaceful

Silent Tears

Ever wonder why
I am being oh so shy
When you look me in the eye
I am silent

I have tears dropping down my cheeks
And a trapped soul hides beneath
Can’t you see me bleed?
I am afraid

You think that I have the perfect life
But in reality that is a lie
Don’t you see me when I cry?
I am alone

Because I never speak
You think that I am weak
I know that I am growing

I am sick
And full of pain
I still pull a smile
In the rain


I will win

And beat this storm

Power to the Peaceful!

(Please pray for me – I am super sickly)

Questioning Pain

A cloak of darkness,
Overcomes me,
A sleeve of fear,
Whispers beneath me,
I’m in pain,
But can you hear me?

Isolated dreams,
In my Imaginations,
Suicidal thoughts,
Taunt me,
Beckoning me,
To listen,
But do you care?


My friends and family,
Are besides me,
An ocean of distress,
Surrounds me,
Is this hatred,
Is this love,
Do they not see me?

I don’t know who I am anymore,
I look in the mirror,
And who do I see,
A different person,
Looking back at me,
I feel alone,
I feel withdrawn,
But how can this be possible,
In this overcrowded world?

By Tia and TJ
Original Poem

TTYLXOX – Power to the Peaceful