Spring/Summer Photography 2014

It’s that time of the year again, when your bulbs are re growing and your buds are blooming with so much colour all around it’s a shocker I haven’t been snapping pictures like crazy like I did last year. This year the daffodils have already come and gone *sigh* I’ve just been so sick and I’m recovering painfully slow, which has caused me to become overly lazy and miss out on so much excitement in my garden.

This year we haven’t been all that much into gardening, we’ll be going away to Italy and Bangladesh soon, so I thought I’d write this up before we disappear =)

I recently went to one of my uncles houses and was amazed to see so many different plants and shrubs and amazing greenery’s, I just couldn’t help myself, and snapped up a few pics hehe

I must admit though, I took these pics on my phone, but I think it turned out pretty good =D

Close up

Close up – Just look at the amazing intricate details

2014-04-03 17.10.40

Super awesome yellowness, my friend Sheila would be proud of me for putting this one up 😉

2014-04-03 17.06.29

I love the red ones, the colour of poppies but I’m pretty sure they’re not poppies, hmm

2014-04-03 17.08.39

Yellow overload =D Eeek I love these!!!

2014-04-03 17.07.05

2014-04-03 17.06.44

such a spectacular shade of pink, it’s the pink version of the white flowers that grow on cherry trees before the buds come out methinks, what does thou think?

2014-04-03 17.07.43

Just thought I’d stick a green one in there, for no apparent reason of course…

Anyhoo enough of my uncles plants, I’ll show you what’s growing on my trees so far (nothing that amazing really – but we’re not too fussed as we will probably not be around to eat it all)


I think this ones an apple tree, I can’t remember, we’ve moved a few around and brought new ones, it’s difficult to tell them apart at this stage. Well I think most fruit trees look the same, but I might just be the odd dumb one – urm.. sorry about that =/

Oh and excuse the bright orange fences, our fences came down last month with the harsh winds, as did a few of our neighbours, so now were stuck with a few bright orange fences which look hideous *face palm* and apparently no one stocks up on fences in Luton ugh!



I absolutely love these itty bitty cherry tree, we had one that was planted in our old house, it was humongous and it bore many fruits each year. I have great memories with that tree, so much so, that as a child moving out of my first home I asked my dad if we could take the tree with us – but of course, we couldnt just lift a huge tree of the ground *sob* and there you have it, a forever tree friendship ends in misery ='( nothing will ever replace you Miss.Humongous Cherry tree, I shall forever remember you *sheds tears* ok enough drama, i’ll try to move on *sniff*


Ok half these plants haven’t bloomed yet, but since I’ll probably be in Italy or Switzerland I thought I’ll upload them anyway!


I love that the sun was out, this is the first day I went into my garden since FOREVER and I love that my dad let me take the pictures on his phone, because let’s be real, I have the worlds crappiest phone, (note to self – Must invest in a camera!!)




more pretty flowers – near this plant are lots of blackberries yum, but I guess I forgot to take a pic – oops


The back end of my garden, excuse the broken greenhouse – caused by the neighbours kids playing football in our garden – hehe



Hope you enjoyed all my pics, my next picture post should be on fruits if all goes according to plan. However there could be a slight delay what with all the holiday plans and Ramadan round the corner =)

Hope every ones having a happy sunny and joyous day,

TJ 😉



Al-Hikmah Presents…

Al hikmah

Al-Hikmah Girls School is pleased to announce an event by the Nasheed Artist Kamal Uddin.


The event will comprise of Nasheeds, childrens programmes, talks by local scholars and much more. An absolute must for the whole family!

Child (Under 16s)/Student: £5:00
Adult: £10:00

Date: Saturday 15th December 2012
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Dallow Road Community Centre
234 Dallow Road
Contact: 01582 410 333

Organiser: Al-Hikmah Girls High School/Sixth Form

Maulana Rayhaan – 0769278661
Maulana Fokhruz Zamaan – 07852988704 / fzaman@alhikmahschool.com

Book Your Tickets Now:



Power to the Peaceful

The Hijab That I Wear

Don’t ask me why
I voice a little sigh

And sometimes I cry
From wondering why

The world can be cruel
People can be vicious

But sometimes I think
Life is so precious

People see me different
Sometimes they even stare

I want to call them rude
But I don’t ever dare

I have a strange dress code
Some like to think

So they stare so badly
And they don’t even blink

They don’t even realise
I don’t want the attention

Instead of receiving blank stares
I’d like some affection

At the end of the day
I try to walk with a smile on my face

I walk with my hijaab on my head
Full of modesty and grace


I love that I’m a Muslimah
I think it’s just great

But others like to mock me
And give me some hate

They give me creepy looks,
And sometimes they swear,

Sometimes I think,
Why do they even care?

As I ignore them,
And cover my hair,

I walk with humility,
With the hijab that I wear.©

Written by myself T.johura

Power to the Peaceful

Making Money, BUT not for you

Working hard,
And making money,
That’s what I wanna do,

No looking out,
Waiting on someone,
No relying on somebody,

I wanna make my own cash,
And spend it on my own,

Might save a little,
For the nice friends I’ve known,

Probs won’t give any,
To the ones who make it hard,

Why should I bother,
Go on tell me why?
Why should I?

Don’t look to me for help
Or look to me for support

No I won’t be friendly
Nor will I be nice
To the bullies in my life

Though I tried hard to survive
In my grief-stricken life

Don’t expect me to give companionship
Even if it’s all that you ask

I’ll look you in the eye
And say sorry mate I’ll pass



Dedicated to the meanies I know, written by TJ

Power to the Peaceful

Who We Are.

Let’s see
Who we are

We have similarities
And differences
We’re the same
Not in appearances

We’re both sometimes weak
But we make each other strong

Mostly she’s right
And sometimes I’m wrong

I am older
But she’s more mature
Shes clever
I like to think
That I am also

She likes neon pink
I like coral

I like it all gothic
She likes it floral

Sometimes I’m moody
She can be hyper

Her room stinks
Like a babies diaper

I like to sing
She likes to dance

And if she let me kiss her
I’d take up the chance!

Arguing and bickering is horrible we hate it
Its worthless and useless
So we tend to avoid it

But our sistership is great,
And we really love it
everyday we’re blessed and dressed
To impress

Our sisterlyness
Is just priceless

Tj & Tia

Written by TJ, dedicated to my BFF and little sister Tia

Power to the Peaceful

These girls…

These girls they always make me laugh
I’ve never met them face to face
They’re all uniquely different
In personality and race

I wish they lived next to me
We would have so much fun
We can ridicule each other
I’d poke then and run

They never seem to care
If you’re poorly and in a mood
When I’m sick and feeling glum
People usually say I’m rude

They always keep me happy
And pray for me always
These friends they are hard to find
I met these friends online.

Best Friends

Written by TJ, especially dedicated to my best friends, who came into my life as a nobody and I ended up keeping them in my life forever.

Power to the Peaceful