♥ Galaxy Heart Canvas ♥

Hi guys ♥

So I painted galaxy inspired heart canvas yesterday 🙂

Galaxy Heart! :)

Galaxy Heart! 🙂


My heart was a bit towards the top, which I did kick myself later. I could’ve blended the white better aswell…. And I should’ve added more stars 😛

But I still like it ♥ So here’s how to make it: ( I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures whilst doing it I forgot 😦 Sorry guys! )

1) Get a canvas, LOTS of sponges ( I stole my mums huge kitchen ones, and just tore off chunks hehe. I hope she hasn’t noticed), Black paint, white paint and the different colours you want for the spacey parts.. I had pink, purple, turquoise and blue 🙂 A paint brush, and if you have one, an old toothbrush.

Also, I didn’t have turquoise and purple paint, so for the turquoise I mixed blue and green to make a deep green and then added white. It makes an awesome turquoise. For purple I mixed blue and pink 🙂 Then for all the colours I added white to make them lighter where I wanted to blend.

2) Paint your whole canvas black… Or buy a black canvas. I painted mine, and personally I think it works better. Wait for it to dry and…

3) Pick your first colour. I chose turqoise and dabbed it at the corner and slowly added white to the colour to start blending it out.

4) I then dabbed the purple in another part of the canvas, and added white to make it lavendery. I then added pink inother corner, aswell as dark blue. In the center I added white to the dark blue and tried out a spiral thingy hehe.

5) This part is basically making the actual galaxy thing.. You can find a lot of tutorials for it on youtube so look around if mine were too vague 🙂

6) Then get a toothbrush and squeeze some white paint onto it, which is actually pretty bizarre. Then flick lots of paint onto the canvas to look like stars. This, in my opinion looks much better than dotting it on, which takes forever.

Wait for it to dry so we can get started on…

7) The heart. I got my sister to cut mine out of newspaper  hehe (Thanks TJ) But you can easily find templates online. Anyway, cut the heart out and glue it on to your canvas using the tiniest amounts of pritt stick possible. I used a really cheap one to guarantee it not sticking 😉

8) Then dip your sponge into some white paint, making sure it’s not full of paint beacuse it can get hard blending. But anyway, blend it outwards, and try and make it look subtle.

9) Make sure there is more white paint around the edge so you can actually see the heart when you take it off. When you are happy wait for it to dry and then you can…

10) PEEL OF THE HEART 🙂 SLOWLY! So it doesn’t tear hehe. And then you can stare at your beautiful creation. Or if you don’t like it hide it before anyone sees QUICK!

I hope you liked this guys 🙂

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Love you guys! KEEP SMILING 🙂




♥ The Raven Boys ♥ – Maggie Stiefvater ♥ | Review ♥

Hi Guys,

This is going to be a review on the book “The Raven Boys”

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater | Book Cover

The Raven Boys – Maggie Stiefvater | Book Cover

There are two main characters in the book: Blue and Gansey. Blue, the physics daughter, has made a pact with herself, to never get involved with boys.On Saint Marks Eve, every year Blue and her mother go to an old abandoned churchyard, to seek out the spirits, of those that were going to die. Blue, herself has never seen anyone… Her seeing a spirit can only mean it’s her true love.So when she sees Gansey it comes as a shock. A rich snobby boy, and a student of Aglionby boys, also known as The Raven Boys, Blue knows they can only mean trouble, and is determined to stay away from him.

Gansey, has his own troubles.He has his life quest of finding Glendower, the lost Welsh King, whose body is hidden somewhere along the ley line, to fulfill. Gansey, intelligent and wise, believes in magic, and believes he owes his life to Glendower… His best friends do not make his life easier.

Meet Gansey’s best friends: Ronan, a misunderstood boy, violent and still hurting from his fathers death. Fights with his brother do not make life easier, and when Ronan makes friends with a raven, he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Adam is a shy, intelligent boy, from a shadowy family. His father abuses him, but Adam refuses to live with Gansey. Adam is trying to find his own image, and he most certainly doesn’t want to be owned.

Noah. Mysterious. Kind. And oh yeah… Why isn’t he in any of the other boys classes? Why doesn’t Noah ever eat? This is a mystery the rest of the boys will figure out together.

These 5 young adults are bought together in fate, and will help one another find the missing pieces in their lives.


If I had to sum this book up in one words: WOW!

Literally, I was reading it as fast as possible, because the plot was so intriguing but I didn’t want the book to ever end! 😥

Rating? DEFINITELY 5 out of 5: *****

Thanks To My friend Eshter ( is that how you spell your name?!) For letting me borrow it… My life is complete! ❤

Now Guys, if you like watching trailer here is the link to the official one.. It’s very spooky, and Maggie did the music herself! This trailer is perfect for the book so guys check it out.. You will LOVE it as much as I do.. I know it!!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this review.. Please check the book out it is AWESOME 😀

Lots Of Love ^_^

Tia<3 xoxo

***This is 100% my opinion and I’m not getting paid to write this review. Promise.***

You are beautiful… <3

Nowadays the media is such an important source of information and put ideas into people’s heads, particularly teenage girls although boys get affected to. I’m a new teenager so I know exactly what it feels like. We see pictures of skinny, thin girls, with size zeroes and jump to the conclusion that they are beautiful. We dream about them, wishing that we could be like them. We go on ridiculous diets to see how close we can go into looking like them. We squeeze into stupidly tight clothes and plaster make up all over are faces, and most of the time, even then we are not satisfied.

What we need to understand is that beauty is not something that we can achieve just by looking and dressing how the people YOU belive to be beautiful do. The concept of what people think of beauty has changed over the centuries. Cleopatra with her too thick eyeliner, the Edwardians with their flouncy dresses the Victorians with there tall, stiff powdered wigs. All these things were considered beautiful. Some of them are still detested.

To be beautiful first you have to be yourself. Remember to love your body and skin for what it is and don’t over load your skin chemicals. Only people who are jealous of you will even TRY to bring you down. Most of the time theses people are self conscious aswell so don’t take any notice. You’re way cooler if you love yourself just the way you are than those people who go through billions of pounds on surgery to try to change themselves.

Love yourself for what you are…

Tia xoxox