♥ Tips For Long Haul Flights ♥

Summer has arrived, and more and more people are hopping onto a plane to escape to somewhere, to take a break fro their present lives. Me and Tj and our family are no different, in a few days time we are going to go to  Bangladesh to visit friends and family, and honestly we cannot wait! You guys may remember we also recently went to Italy, which we have dedicated an entire post to! In fact, I am blessed to say that at 14 I have been on many plane rides, and have gathered some tips along the way, and today I decided to share them with you guys! 😀 So, without further adue, here are some tips for long flights!


This picture makes me feel so excited 😀


1) Pack your carry on efficiently- If you’re given the option to take a carry on, make a checklist of everything you’ll need in the airport and on your flight, and check it before you leave the house. Make sure the bag you choose is durable, aswell as pretty 😉

2) Dress for comfort – Your flight is going to be extremely long, and the last thing that you want is to be uncomfortable throughout the entire thing! Wear layers if possible, as airplanes can become very cold

3) Wear sandals, or ballet flats-Avoid shoes with laces, as they may become a hassle when you are going through security

4) Invest in a neck pillow- Sleeping is a good thing to do with the long hours of a flight, but it can be uncomfortable sometimes. Using one of these helps ensure you don’t get crooked after an awakward resting position, and using it backwards will prevent your head from drooping onto your chest! 😀

5)Bring headphones- If you’re one of those people that just can’t hack noisy places, then grabbing a pair of headphones is a must. You can listen to music on the way, and a good quality one will also block out the rest of the noise.

6) Bring an eyemask- Airplanes have weird schedules for when they turn off the lights, and it may not suit your sleeping routine. An eyemask will help block out the light, and let you sleep comfortably.

7) Walk through the aisles regularly- You can also do in flight exercises or stretch when you’re in the bathroom to prevent your legs for aching after the flight.

8) Hydrate regularly- Don’t be afraid to ask for water during your flight, or ask for ice to be added to it

9) Moisturize regularly- The heavy air conditioning on planes can leave your skin and lips very dry, so remember to bring a moisturizer, as well as a lipbalm with you.

10) Chew Gum- This helps to prevent your ears from popping. Sucking on a lollipop will also help.

11) Don’t check the time regularly- It will make the flight seem much longer.

12) Bring entertainment- This could be books, magazines, or even a tablet. Airplane rides are long, so make sure you have pkenty to do. You could even try completing some work and being productive! 😀

13) Go to the bathroom before you land- Try and go half an hour before, to freshen yourself up. This could include, fixing your hair or headscarf and reapplying your makeup.

14) Bring your essentials- You are going to need tissues. And hand sanitizer because airplanes are germy places. Remember your toothpaste and toothbrush aswell, although most of the time these are provided for you on long flights.

15) Charge Electronics- Remember to charge any electronics you’re taking the night before the flight. If you are thinking of using them on the plane, you may want to invest in a portable charger

16) Choose seats that are suitable to you- You want to have an aisle seat if you move around a lot, a window seat if you’re planning to rest etc

17) Check the amount of liquid you can take- Most airlines have restrictions on the amount of liquid you can bring with you. Put all your liquids in travel size containers to maximize space, and put cling film on before screwing the lids to prevent spillages. Put all of your liquids in a clear Ziploc bag

18) Be polite- From being on so many plane rides since I was little, I had learnt that being polite is so important to avoid your fellow passengers from turning hostile. Don’t be too loud, or invade other passengers personal space. That being said I have made a lot of friend on planes! 😀

19) Sleep Well- The night before remember to have a good sleep. Flying can be very stressful sometimes and you want to be prepared

20) Enjoy the trip!- Have fun, relax and enjoy your flight to the best of your ability! 😀


To conclude this let me say I absolute love planes. Some people get bored or sick, but I just find the entire experience exhilirating if I’m completely honest! From the packing, to meeting new people… Just all of it! One of my families favourite aspects of being on a plane is seeing if the air hostess offers me the little treat bag they reserve for little kids, as I am extremely petite fora 14 year old.They find it very funny when I do get them 😛 I also vaguely remember climbing over the seats when I was a child which must have been extremely annoying haha 😀 I love watching movies and listening to music on airplanes, and trying to survive the food 😛 The view, is of course a huge plus!


So tell me guys… Give me an airplane memory that you treasure, GO! 😀

I cannot wait to jump on the plane on Sunday eeek so happy 😀

Bye guys ♥

Tia ♥♥♥♥



Books you HAVE to read this Winter!

Hey Guys!
Today I’m going to help you find that perfect book to read this winter. I love reading in the winter because when it’s cold outside, your stuck inside the house. Thats when I like to sit next to the heater , curl up with some chocolate and get stuck inside a great book. But it can be hard to find a book you know you’ll enjoy so I’ve picked some of my favourites and some I can’t wait to read. I’ve also made sure there’s a variety of Genres so there’s guaranteed to be a book for everyone in the family.

1) The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Every year, 24 teenagers of the 12 Districtsof Panem are forced to try to kill each other. This is a gruesome punishment for the rebelling which happened against the cruel Capitol many years ago. The twist? Only one survives. When Katniss’s sister Prim is chosen, Katniss knows she will go in for her. Fight for her. If it comes to it even get killed for her because she cannot let her younger sister go through the pain. Fighting against teenage warriors that have trained all there lives, Katniss depends on her instincts to get back to District Twelve alive. But to do that she has to kill innocent teenagers, and she doesn’t know if she can do that. This book has romance, adventure and fantasy. A book that everyone can read, young or old.

2) Journey To The River Sea – Eva Ibbotson

Journey to the River Sea

Journey to the River Sea

13 year old orphan Maia is sent away from England to distant relatives living in Brazil, in the Amazon Rainforest. Little does she know that her two cousins are looking for friendship, and her uncle and aunt didn’t want her for who she is but rather for the huge amount of money Maia brings with her. Then Maia meets Finn, the heir to a grand throne back in England. Finn however doesn’t want o go back and much prefers the wild forests of the Amazon, where his father ran way, many years ago. Maia doesn’t want to let go of Finn and when she is almost killed in a fire, she takes the opportunity to runaway to the tribe Finns mother was bought up in. This book features young love, true love ,adventure and reality. A wonderful book for any age.

3) Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

When a man is caught in a storm he takes shelter in the dark sinister house of Wuthering Heights. He will never forget the house, which will haunt his dreams. he will learn Cathys story, of having to choose between her lover and an evil man that she grew up with. Of how her choice led to danger and death. How love can kill and torture people forever. A book of passion and romance. A classic full of surprise, wit and true love. This book is a must have for all full time romantics. It’s a true classic, one of my favourites. If you love stories full of passion, drama and love than this is the one you should borrow from the library.

4)Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth – Jeff Kinney

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth

Chuckle as Greg learns the truth of growing up, and giggle when he makes his mistakes. Greg tries to be the perfect teenager but trying to be cool has its consequences. Also in this book Gregs and Rowleys friendship is put to the test in there last year of middle school. Greg worries that he still has not hit his growth spurt yet whilst Rowley is already sporting a pimple.This book is utterly hilarious and easy to read. Its accompanied with funny comics that will make your insides tickle with laughter. The book is perfect for early readers and also readers that aren’t s keen. It’s my little brothers favourite, probably the only books he reads!

5) Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

The last book in the Twilight Saga, this book is guaranteed to make you laugh as well as cry. Bella is to marry Edward herVampire boyfriend. But Jacob her were wolf friend is in pain at the thought and longs for Bella to see the truth. And when Bella is soon pregnant the were wolves and vampires lives are quickly put into chaos. The baby is sucking the life out of Bella but still she doesn’t want to kill it. And will all the pain be worth it when they don’t even now if the baby is a monster or not? A novel full of mystery,love ,tears and laughter. You should definitely read this book if you enjoyed the movie.

6) Amy, Number Seven – Marilyn Kaye

Amy Number Seven

Amy Number Seven

Amy Candler is a perfect 12 year old. Literally. She does exceptionally well in everything, and has supernatural powers. She can hear, see and feel things stronger than the average human. When she has to research her past life, Amy learns about her dead fathers past and the secrets begin to unravel. She cannot remeber anything about her past, and a strange man is taking pictures if her, because Amy Candler is not the person she appears to be. This book is full of mystery and will keep you hooked until the last page. A book for all sci- fi lovers, a book for the whole family.

Because I don’t want this post to be boringly long, I’m also thinking of doing a part two, so watch out for that!

Take Care!

Tia xoxox