Grilled Chicken Tikka ❣ (TJ style)

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Today i will be sharing a chicken tikka recipe, this is so simple to make but one of my favourites. It smells and tastes so good, you just have to try it. I’m just going to let you all know now, the pictures don’t give this dish any justice!

What you need:

1) A bowl
2) Teaspoon
3) Mixing Spoon/Spatula
4) Knife
5) Chopping Board


1) Chicken (duh)
2) Garlic
3) Onion (quarter approx)
4) Turmeric powder (quarter teaspoon)
5) Chilli Powder  (quarter teaspoon)
6) Ginger Powder  (quarter teaspoon)
7) Kashmiri Paste (1 teaspoon)
8) Tandoori masala powder
9) Lime (a small squeeze of lime juice)
10) Vinegar (a few drops to moisturise the tandoori powder
11) Pickle of you choice (I used Hot Mango by Pataks)
12) Olives (if you wish)
13) Pickle
14) splash of oil (of your choice – I used Sunflower)
15) Salt (very important)
16) Coriander (If you wish any other herb, I love the smell of coriander and thyme, both of which can be easily homegrown)


2014-01-11 13.19.37

1) Firstly begin by cutting the breast of the chicken into small chunks like I have done above, I sometimes put in small bony parts of chicken too, tastes great, like wings YUM!

2014-01-11 13.19.28

2) Secondly cut garlic into small pieces, you don’t need as much as I have cut above, you only need a small amount, less than a teaspoon.

Take the garlic and a pinch of salt and smear it all over your chicken. make sure the Chicken has been washed thoroughly, remember you’re working with raw meat.

2014-01-11 13.24.33

3) Once that is complete your chicken will feel silky from the salt, that’s when you know it has reached all areas (wahayy!!) After that add a quarter of an onion sliced or diced very thinly, I’ve cooked mine on slow heat until it has softened, but you don’t need to do this step, often I use uncooked onion and it cooks fine later on.

2014-01-11 13.26.01

4) Next is my favourite step! This is where your chicken gets all it’s vibrant colour. Add the chilli powder, turmeric powder and ginger powder. You could always use ‘five spice’, which is a blend of five essential spices, but sometimes I find that too strong, so I stuck with these three. You could always use fresh ginger or ginger paste too.

2014-01-11 13.27.25

5) Once you’ve stirred that in, it will look so tasty….BUT!!! don’t eat it just yet, even if it does look mouth watering 😉 Add one teaspoon of kashmiri paste, you do not need the tandoori powder if you’re using the kashmiri paste, but I like to, as I feel the powder adds more colour.

2014-01-11 13.30.10

6) Now add the tandoori powder, don’t worry if it looks dry at this stage, we will be adding liquids soon.

2014-01-11 13.31.10

7) Now take a lime of your choice, if you wish you can add lemon juice instead. Cut into small slices, you only need the juice of one or two slices, not the whole thing. Add a few drops of vinegar until the mixture is less dry.

2014-01-11 13.33.35

8) This step is optional but I find that it makes all the difference. Choose your favourite pickle, I chose a spicy one, but you don’t need to. Take one spoon of your pickle and add it to the chicken. Also in this step drizzle a tiny bit of oil, we won’t be applying any oil to our dish, but instead use a non stick dish.

9) Mix everything together and you’re done. I left my chicken to marinade overnight, but one hour is good enough, all the ingredients are strong enough to flavour the chicken straight away.

10) Grill on a low mark until it’s steamy and well cooked.

2014-01-11 13.34.15
The kashmiri paste and hot mango pickle were both by Pataks, they make the best pickles, I bought both of these from Sainsbury’s! The tandoori powder was by East End, I bought mine from a small Green Grocers.

2014-01-11 13.34.58

You can add any vegetables to your mix, to make it taste better and personalise it, for example I add Olives if I’m making it for my dad, Olives are very good for you!

2014-01-11 13.35.41

Garnish with coriander or any herbs of your choice

Serving suggestions:

Serve with rice or inside a pitta bread

2014-01-12 15.04.25

mmm. Enjoy!

I hope you all enjoyed this post,

Until next time, tara folks!