You are beautiful… <3

Nowadays the media is such an important source of information and put ideas into people’s heads, particularly teenage girls although boys get affected to. I’m a new teenager so I know exactly what it feels like. We see pictures of skinny, thin girls, with size zeroes and jump to the conclusion that they are beautiful. We dream about them, wishing that we could be like them. We go on ridiculous diets to see how close we can go into looking like them. We squeeze into stupidly tight clothes and plaster make up all over are faces, and most of the time, even then we are not satisfied.

What we need to understand is that beauty is not something that we can achieve just by looking and dressing how the people YOU belive to be beautiful do. The concept of what people think of beauty has changed over the centuries. Cleopatra with her too thick eyeliner, the Edwardians with their flouncy dresses the Victorians with there tall, stiff powdered wigs. All these things were considered beautiful. Some of them are still detested.

To be beautiful first you have to be yourself. Remember to love your body and skin for what it is and don’t over load your skin chemicals. Only people who are jealous of you will even TRY to bring you down. Most of the time theses people are self conscious aswell so don’t take any notice. You’re way cooler if you love yourself just the way you are than those people who go through billions of pounds on surgery to try to change themselves.

Love yourself for what you are…

Tia xoxox


So we’re finally getting started…

We have thought about making a blog for such a long time and today has finally arrived!!! We’re both busy doing everyday things that young adults and teenagers do. Tia’s busy with school and I (TJ) am working as a Teacher, shuffling between two schools (In the morning I work at a Junior School and in the evening I work at a private High School.Life in Luton can sometimes be really boring but writing helps to release that tension. Today, myself and Tia have been trapped inside our bedroom all day due to the EDL (English Defence League) doing a march through our town.

We have a lot of things we want to share with you guys and if you have more requests than what we have planned we don’t mind adding more, if you do have any requests, please e-mail us at: and also don’t forget to check out the following channels:



We hope you enjoy our blog and we hope to fill it up A.S.A.P

So stay tuned….and glued to your screens.

Power to the Peaceful, ciao!