❦ ❋Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater ❋ ❦

Maggie Stiefvater is honestly my inspiration when it comes to her beautiful, haunting stories. Her description is amazing as always, and her writing is melodious; like a song. It is breathtaking and spectacular, and is one of the things that makes her books superb. Her words paint pictures in the readers mind and leaves them in awe.  It is poignant and beautiful, and her words flow together seamlessly. This is an author that knows how to leave her readers spellbound and in need of reading more.

SHIVER. A story set in a beautiful forest, where the main character, a teenage girl called Grace was attacked by a group of wolves. She honestly thought she was going to die, when a wolf with distinctive yellow eyes saves her life. Years later, she is still spooked by the incident and is fascinated by the pack of wolves, especially the one with the yellow eyes. In the winter, whenever she looked into the woods from her house, she would notice that same wolf, protecting her it seemed, with his intense and fierce stare. Another incident takes place in the forest, and hunters are called to shoot the wolves – to get rid of them for good. It’s at this time where Grace sees a naked boy on her yard. One with the familiar yellow eyes, and a shot in his shoulder.

She will soon learn that this is Sam. The wolf that guards her in the winter, and the boy who works in the library in the warm summers. They will fall in love, and they will do anything it takes to be together.


As characters go, Sam and Grace are pretty interesting. Grace is the organised, dominant, no nonsense kind of person, whilst Sam is more timid and even verging on shy. Their love for each other was kind of an obsessive kind of love, which I personally found a little bit creepy. Actually that kind of love sort of reminded me of Twilight, which I hated with a passion.There doesn’t seem to be a reason for these two unique characters to be so suddenly drawn to eachother, to be so blindly devoted; it all kind of comes out of no where. But then again, after re- reading it, you do kind of understand. Sam makes Grace feel wanted, and loved… Something simple she has been robbed of for years because of her parents that don’t seem to care about her at all. Grace makes Sam feel human, important and special, something he needed because of traumatic events that happened in his past. They are all eachother have.

The way Maggie Stiefvater presented the werewolves, and her take on werewolf mythology was interesting and extremely clever. This book made me love werewolves, and showed me how strange, mysterious and also beautiful they could be. The transformation from a mere human, to werewolf forever in winter was interesting and fascinating. No one can deny this authors skills of weaving a magical story.

The setting was as always beautiful. I absolutely love forests and the way Maggie described this one was actually beautiful. She gave me the inspiration for the book I am currently writing and uploading to wattpad, where the entire story takes part in this forest. Check it out guys, if you wish! It would mean the world to me ^-^

If you are into young adult books or fantasy books, you should definitely pick this up! You will not be disappointed. It can also be seen as a paranormal romance so why not have a go? You might find a new favourite book in the process 😉

Have fun reading my friends, and don’t forget to tell me what you think 😀

Tia ♥

I will leave you with gorgeous qoute:


The book alternates from Sam and Grace’s pov. This happens to be Sam hehe xD


✪ I am Number Four – The Lorien Legacies – Pittacus Lore ✪


Yuup I have just finished reading an epic book, the first in it’s series ‘The Lorien Legacies’, although it seems I am a bit late, as the author has managed to publish a whole spin off series (The Lost files), and a movie came out before I even discovered this book! Don’t worry I don’t plan to be left out, I will read all of them ASAP! But anyway.. the review:

I picked up the book not really expecting much if I’m honest, but the blurb really did intrigue me. This book quickly became one of my favorites I’ve ever read. The characters were interesting and the way they reacted to different scenarios and experiences was actually fascinating. I loved the history the author gave about Planet Loric and the book really did make me think and wonder. It’s books like these that make humans more open minded.

The plot was very detailed, and throughout the book you become more and more familiar with the Planet Loric. You begin to emphasize with the characters and the difficulties they have to go through to just be able to live. You begin to long for a life as complex and dramatic as these horrors, but quickly dismiss the thought because of all the horrors that will come from that. You will fall in love with some characters. You will long for their powers. You will be taken on the most emotional roller coaster ride of your life. You will never have been more thrilled.

You will probably love ‘The Lorien Legacies’ if you like The GONE series, any spy books etc. Books that focus more on adventure than love triangles you know? Books that have more adrenaline.. Awesome books.


The cover I have of this book, although there are many

You guys should definitely read it, if you haven’t already. If you are wary of it, just give it a go – it sucked me in after the first few pages xD It’s amazing, for once a book actually worth the hype!

Meanwhile, I’m going to look for the rest of the series 😀

Happy Reading!,

Tia x

♥ Galaxy Heart Canvas ♥

Hi guys ♥

So I painted galaxy inspired heart canvas yesterday 🙂

Galaxy Heart! :)

Galaxy Heart! 🙂


My heart was a bit towards the top, which I did kick myself later. I could’ve blended the white better aswell…. And I should’ve added more stars 😛

But I still like it ♥ So here’s how to make it: ( I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures whilst doing it I forgot 😦 Sorry guys! )

1) Get a canvas, LOTS of sponges ( I stole my mums huge kitchen ones, and just tore off chunks hehe. I hope she hasn’t noticed), Black paint, white paint and the different colours you want for the spacey parts.. I had pink, purple, turquoise and blue 🙂 A paint brush, and if you have one, an old toothbrush.

Also, I didn’t have turquoise and purple paint, so for the turquoise I mixed blue and green to make a deep green and then added white. It makes an awesome turquoise. For purple I mixed blue and pink 🙂 Then for all the colours I added white to make them lighter where I wanted to blend.

2) Paint your whole canvas black… Or buy a black canvas. I painted mine, and personally I think it works better. Wait for it to dry and…

3) Pick your first colour. I chose turqoise and dabbed it at the corner and slowly added white to the colour to start blending it out.

4) I then dabbed the purple in another part of the canvas, and added white to make it lavendery. I then added pink inother corner, aswell as dark blue. In the center I added white to the dark blue and tried out a spiral thingy hehe.

5) This part is basically making the actual galaxy thing.. You can find a lot of tutorials for it on youtube so look around if mine were too vague 🙂

6) Then get a toothbrush and squeeze some white paint onto it, which is actually pretty bizarre. Then flick lots of paint onto the canvas to look like stars. This, in my opinion looks much better than dotting it on, which takes forever.

Wait for it to dry so we can get started on…

7) The heart. I got my sister to cut mine out of newspaper  hehe (Thanks TJ) But you can easily find templates online. Anyway, cut the heart out and glue it on to your canvas using the tiniest amounts of pritt stick possible. I used a really cheap one to guarantee it not sticking 😉

8) Then dip your sponge into some white paint, making sure it’s not full of paint beacuse it can get hard blending. But anyway, blend it outwards, and try and make it look subtle.

9) Make sure there is more white paint around the edge so you can actually see the heart when you take it off. When you are happy wait for it to dry and then you can…

10) PEEL OF THE HEART 🙂 SLOWLY! So it doesn’t tear hehe. And then you can stare at your beautiful creation. Or if you don’t like it hide it before anyone sees QUICK!

I hope you liked this guys 🙂

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Love you guys! KEEP SMILING 🙂



❤ The Host – Stephenie Meyer | Book Review ❤

Hey Guys :’) ,

After I read the Twilight series I was literally scarred by reading such poorly written writing. It was very slow, and just boring to be honest. However most teen girls with a disgusting taste of books, seemed to like it, so that was good for Stephenie. When I heard about The Host I was extremely wary about whether it was worth my time reading it, as it is pretty huge. It has been sitting in the library for two years for me to read it but I have always been put off. I mean on the cover it said ‘ Author of the bestseller Eclipse’… If that isn’t going to put you off reading a book; I don’t know what is. And it also had the really freaky eye thing on the cover…

The Host cover

See what I mean about the freaky eye??

HOWEVER – I finished The Host in around 12 hours. I started in the afternoon, carried on till at least 2 in the morning, woke up at 5 and finished it off :’). That was how awesome it was. And it is an extremely thick book, around 700 pages or more

Stephenie has created a dystopian world, full of imagination, so unique and just plainly awesome. Seriously, she should have written this under a pseudonym, loads of more people probably would’ve read it.

It was set in the future, and there was no physical fighting, no wars. No one ever got sad, or was even hurt verbally. Humans were generally much more peaceful, and trusted one another completely. Violence and crime were unheard of. Money wasn’t an issue anymore since it didn’t exist. You just walked into a shop, got what you wanted and bought it back to the counter, so the shop keeper, could tally up the things he needs to buy more off. Awesome, right?

Well… The main reason everything was going so smoothly in Earth is because the citizens weren’t human. Well they still were, but they all had something inside them. A soul, or as the humans called them, a parasite. They souls were very gentle and peaceful, which is why earth is a much better place. Every single human has a soul, controlling their body, actions and even speech.

Some humans however, are still trappped inside their own bodies. They cannot move for them self, and can only talk using their bodies sometimes, but they can communicate with the soul inside their head.

Humans are pretty much extinct, apart from rebel humans, living in hiding, determined not to go towards the same doomed fate as the rest of the world. Melanie, is one of those humans. But when she is snatched and her body is made host for Wanderers soul something… out of place happens. Different. And very frightening for Wanderer. Melanie is still alive, and she demands her presence to be heard.

This is not normal at all for souls and their hosts, and without realizing it Wanderer is on a journey looking for Jared and Jamie, Melanie’s little brother and the guy she was camping with.

The book really made me think of appearances, and just how much of our character they made up. I liked the whole concept of the ‘Souls’ and the different worlds in which they lived. Much more imaginative and cool than sparkling fairy vampires.

Trust me it feels weird to be talking about how awesome a book by Stephenie Meyer is. Very weird.

But I liked and I will probably re-read it soon<3

Adios dudes 😉

Tia x

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♥ The Raven Boys ♥ – Maggie Stiefvater ♥ | Review ♥

Hi Guys,

This is going to be a review on the book “The Raven Boys”

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater | Book Cover

The Raven Boys – Maggie Stiefvater | Book Cover

There are two main characters in the book: Blue and Gansey. Blue, the physics daughter, has made a pact with herself, to never get involved with boys.On Saint Marks Eve, every year Blue and her mother go to an old abandoned churchyard, to seek out the spirits, of those that were going to die. Blue, herself has never seen anyone… Her seeing a spirit can only mean it’s her true love.So when she sees Gansey it comes as a shock. A rich snobby boy, and a student of Aglionby boys, also known as The Raven Boys, Blue knows they can only mean trouble, and is determined to stay away from him.

Gansey, has his own troubles.He has his life quest of finding Glendower, the lost Welsh King, whose body is hidden somewhere along the ley line, to fulfill. Gansey, intelligent and wise, believes in magic, and believes he owes his life to Glendower… His best friends do not make his life easier.

Meet Gansey’s best friends: Ronan, a misunderstood boy, violent and still hurting from his fathers death. Fights with his brother do not make life easier, and when Ronan makes friends with a raven, he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Adam is a shy, intelligent boy, from a shadowy family. His father abuses him, but Adam refuses to live with Gansey. Adam is trying to find his own image, and he most certainly doesn’t want to be owned.

Noah. Mysterious. Kind. And oh yeah… Why isn’t he in any of the other boys classes? Why doesn’t Noah ever eat? This is a mystery the rest of the boys will figure out together.

These 5 young adults are bought together in fate, and will help one another find the missing pieces in their lives.


If I had to sum this book up in one words: WOW!

Literally, I was reading it as fast as possible, because the plot was so intriguing but I didn’t want the book to ever end! 😥

Rating? DEFINITELY 5 out of 5: *****

Thanks To My friend Eshter ( is that how you spell your name?!) For letting me borrow it… My life is complete! ❤

Now Guys, if you like watching trailer here is the link to the official one.. It’s very spooky, and Maggie did the music herself! This trailer is perfect for the book so guys check it out.. You will LOVE it as much as I do.. I know it!!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this review.. Please check the book out it is AWESOME 😀

Lots Of Love ^_^

Tia<3 xoxo

***This is 100% my opinion and I’m not getting paid to write this review. Promise.***

Nail Varnish: Random Selections (2013)

Hi, here are a few more OPI nail varnishes I thought I’d mention:


opi nail varnish


opi nail varnish

Gel Colour

opi nail varnish


opi Random selction nail varnish milliondollarrock1 TJ

Mariah Carey Line

opi nail varnish


Hope you liked these, I think my next blog post should be about eyeshadows and my current favs are the sleek pallettes but I really want to try out the new MUA ones, because the mono shades are just FAB!

Power to the Peaceful