❤ Sister Tag ❤

This is just a little something we decided to do, since we’re gaining more followers everyday. It’s like a quirky way for our readers to get to know us. Tj will be in hot pink, where as I (Tia) will be in the turquoise colour. This is just to make it easier to differentiate between our answers. We also answered the questions sepreatley, without discussing what we were going to write. Have fun!

1) How did you meet?

Tj: I met Tia when she was born in the year 2000 and I could not believe I had a sibling after more than 10 years of waiting for a baby sis!

Tia: When my mum welcomed me to the world, and their was a scary kid waiting for my arrival, who I would come to know as my big sister and best friend.

2) What is your favourite memory together?

Tj: We have so much memories together, I’ll cheat and add three. 1: when we nearly got killed in Bangladesh the night of of our flight,2: on our sisters wedding night when we were really emotional and 3: when we go shopping together, it’s always be a fun adventure.

Tia: When we stayed up together the night my older sister got married. We could hear eachother crying and gradually started to talk about the memories we had with our older. I slept in her bed and we hugged all night. That was the night we became best friends and not just sisters. We also have regular sleepovers involving junk food and our mini torches. 

3) Describe eachother in three words.

Tj: Loyal- Always by my side, Caring – Loves everyone, Hyperactive- always dancing around

Tia: Funny, Understanding and Weird… ( In the best way possible 😉 )

4) What is your dream job?

Tj: To be a professional photographer, specializing in scenery! Or a cat sitter…

Tia: My dream job is to be an author writing fantasy,paranormal, sci fi or dystopian novels

5) What’s your favourite make up brand?

Tj: Rimmel is probably my all time favourite as I love at least one product from each line and own loads. I love Revlon lipsticks and own loads too. I’m so undecided.

Tia: Um… I hardly ever wear makeup. Like almost never. I like the Bodyshop lipbalms though.

6) What is something that annoys you about the other person?

Tj: Argumentative. And doesn’t know when to stop. The moody bum. (I wubs you sugar plum)

Tia: Her imaturity. Like OMG sometimes I feel like I’m the older sister >_<

7) If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?

Tj: Malaysia. I’ve just always wanted to go there and would be awesome to take someone special like her ♥

Tia: India because it’s such a culturally rich country and it would be so much fun to go and explore 😀

8) State some inside jokes you have and give no explanation

Tj: D’uumb, Tutti McGuttie, Jiggy,Totes McGoats, Gross Mc Toast, Come Dine With Me

Tia: Jessica, Marker Pen,Jiggy and Selfies

9) Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

Tj: I have completed my hair/makeup/outfit/ate a four course meal and Tia will still be doing her Hijab. Not only that but once it’s done she will rip it off and start over until she looks like Marge Simpson. ( She’s unfriending me on facebook now lol. Oh the denial)

Tia: Tj. Without a doubt. she takes foreverrrrr 😛 But princesses don’t like being rushed 😉

10) Favourite season?

Tj: Spring even though I really love a bit of wind and rain. I don’t like it when it’s too sunny.

Tia: SPRING ❤ Flowers, Animals, Blossoms and Birds. Summer is too hot, Winter is too cold, Autumn is too wet and windy and yet Sring is the perfect consistency of them all.

11) Favourite Song?

Tj: 22 or any other Taylor Swift song like Enchanted, Sparks Fly and Fearless #Swiftie ♬

Tia: Fearless by Taylor Swift. The chorus reminds me of when I’m with the ones i love and I laugh till my stomach hurts and the day just seems too perfect to be true  ✰

12) Heels or Flats?

Tj: Heels but I usually go out in my hi tops haha

Tia: Flats. Cannot live without my converse ♡  Although heels could make me look taller lool xD

13) Pants or Dresses?

Tj: Why would you wear pants? Dresses all the waaaay❋… (why did tia just face palm herself) 

Tia: DRESSES ❤ The puffier the better!

14) Favourite Animal?

Tj: Kitty! Amazing balls of fluff.

Tia: Birds obviouslyyy ^-^ We can hear them singing form our house all the time, and the way they fly is breathtaking.

15) If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?

Tj: My collection of certificates from age 3, including degree/GCSE/A – Levels/ First Aid/ ECDL etc

Tia: My diaries or my Harry Potter books. My diaries have memories you can’t buy or replace and Harry Potter is just… well, magical. ✮

16) Comedy, Horror or Chick-Flick?

Tj: I like RomComs, they have the best of both genres. Chick-Flicks are meh and urm horror, we never end up finishing horror movies cus Tia never watches the scary scenes so what’s the point

Tia: I like the excitement of watching horror movies and the atmosphere they bring, nut I have nightmares for ages afterwards >_< Sooo… Chick-Flicks 😛

17) Blackberry or I-Phone?

Tj: I-Phone (sorry mum!)

Tia: I have neither so I shall refrain from judging 😛

18) Favourite movie?

Tj: Disneys Tangled or Brave by far. I would rewatch over and over… ღ

Tia: All the Harry Potter movies, The Vow cus it made me cry and Brave ✽

19) What is something weird you eat?

Tj: Shutki! Dry fish, it stinks but tastes nice if I cook it. If you don’t like the taste, you need a new chef mate.

Tia: Well, um… Tj finds it weird that I’m addicted to oranges…

20) Do you guys have matching anything?

Tj: Too many things. Matching Lee Cooper shoes, Tia’s are more like trainers and mine are hi tops. We have matching head pieces. Matching LA underwear haha and lots more

Tia: Silver heels,Head pieces, head scarfs, head bands and we both have the same dress aswell, but mine is pink and her’s is yellow hehe  ❄

21) What’s your favorite TV show?

Tj: Come Dine With Me. Yeah I don’t watch TV and have suddenly become obssessed with food. I watch BGT aswell.

Tia: MTV’s Catfish. I absolutely love this show, it is actually addicting. Max and Nev are the coolest people EVER ✮

22) What was your biggest fight or argument?

Tj: Never had one. Let’s keep it that way inshAllaah.

Tia: Neveeeeeerr (say never) Shut up Justin Bieber… I meaannt we’ve never had an argument lol 😛

23) Describe the last thing you did with your sister

Tj: Talking about someone, yeah nothing bad (only cus I’m fasting haha)

Tia: Wrapping birthday presents for our niece  ♡

24) Complete this statement: ‘My sister is…’

Tj: Awesome and one of a kind ❤

Tia: FABULOUS and my main source of happiness ^-^

And there you have it folks! I hope you enjoyed this ^-^ Send us more questions you want us to answer,

Tia and Tj ❤ x