It’s The Little Things… ❤

It’s the little, everyday things that can be seen as totally ordinary and insignificant that make me truly happy. Here is a list of tiny things that make me glow on the inside, and make me grateful to be alive. These are the things that make me happy in my heart place ^-^

-Birds singing

-Laughing until my stomach hurts

-Being with my friends

-Being with my family

-My big sister Tj

-Having good food





-Reading a book until my eyes droop, and picking it up first thing in the morning and finishing it before breakfast

-Having no homework

-Having family time

-Going out with my awesome sisters

^To name just a few. i have a feeling this list would go on forever if I let it. I totally support the saying ‘Happiness is a choice’ because it really is true! Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine. You, and only you, are in charge of how you view the world. I’ve seen documentaries about children in third world countries, who are poor and have nothing compared to what we have, and yet they are delighted by using a can to play football with. If children living in conditions as bad as these can still find reasons to be happy, why can’t we?

Imagine if everything we ever wanted in life was given to us: You had those shoes you always wanted. You’re rich enough to buy that car you’ve longed for, aswell as that house you have pined over. You were healthy, as were all the ones you love. You were married to the love of you life. You had the grades you wanted, and the career you had dreamed about ever since you were a little kid. Imagine it. Think about it. Do you think you would be truly happy? Do you not think that you would just find more things to be upset about, or more things you want? Do you not think you would look for more reasons to be miserable?

Situations are different for everyone, and everyone reacts differently to different events. Depression is a major cause of suicide and suicidal thoughts for people all over the world. Life may seem bleak and dark right now, and you may feel incredibly alone in a world full of billions of people who you feel do not care. Trust me, there is always someone who cares about you and someone willing to try to make you smile again.If you feel like there is no reason t be happy again, believe me you are wrong. There are a million reasons to be happy. You will survive because you are a strong person. Don’t believe me? Well your definitely still alive as you’re reading this right now.Life is an everlasting challenge, and yet some  glorious moments make the struggle worth it. Happiness is not a destination that you can reach, it is a journey. Find joy in the ordinary. If you can’t find a hint of happiness in the little things, you will never be truly happy.

Have a collection of good memories, because life is too short to be anything less that happy. You are in charge of how you feel – Why not choose happiness? Be so happy that when other people look at you, they’ll smile and be happy too. I saw a qoute somewhere like : Happiness is the highest level of success. And it’s true, it really is.


And for now, being the huge potterhead I am and being cool enough to slip a potter reference in just about ANYWHERE ( And driving my awesome muggle of a sister Tj mad in the process.. oops :P) I will leave you with the wise words of Albus Percival Wulfirc Brian Dumbledore,’Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light’. One of my favourite quotes ever 😀 Smile my friends! It really is contagious 🙂


-Tia (a very happy 14 year old ☺)



Stuck on Ideas for Gifts?

Hey are you stuck on ideas for gifts?Well guys, if that’s the case this blog should help you figure out what to get your loved ones, a job that might normally take days of thinking about.

Fist think about who the gift is for. Is it a family member like your parents or brother? Or is it your best friend ,your class mate, your teacher? You would give your teacher a different gift than you would give to your best friend so its important to acknowledge who it’s for.

Now think about what the person likes. Women tend to like flowers, Perfume, Clothes…Teenagers will probably want a phone, bikes or any new high-tech gadgets. Men might like slippers, mugs and boys will probably prefer video games and action figures. These are just some ideas. If your really stuck ask someone for help, or try searching on the internet, where there are thousands of sites ready to lend a helping a hand.

Now that you’ve thought of the gift you want to give think about adding an extra special touch, like flowers or a card. Flowers are pretty and will make your gift just that little bit more special. And with cards it’s easy to get sentimental without having any of those awkward moments.


You can also try making the card if your creative. Comics on the front of a card are a new favourite and also try experimenting with pop ups, flaps… The possibilities are endless. However, if you were never of the arty type than there are sights where you can make your cards online, choosing from thousands of templates, and even add your lucky ones photo. If your making a card, when your about to put it in an envelope add a tiny pinch of sequins or glitter. This will be a funny surprise for the person that opens it! ( But don’t add to much, or you’ll be doing the hovering…)

But also remember it’s the thought that counts. If this person truly loves you they’ll love there present because they’ll have known how much effort was put into it. And if you follow these instructions, how could you NOT end up with a present that’s perfect?

Have Fun!!

You are beautiful… <3

Nowadays the media is such an important source of information and put ideas into people’s heads, particularly teenage girls although boys get affected to. I’m a new teenager so I know exactly what it feels like. We see pictures of skinny, thin girls, with size zeroes and jump to the conclusion that they are beautiful. We dream about them, wishing that we could be like them. We go on ridiculous diets to see how close we can go into looking like them. We squeeze into stupidly tight clothes and plaster make up all over are faces, and most of the time, even then we are not satisfied.

What we need to understand is that beauty is not something that we can achieve just by looking and dressing how the people YOU belive to be beautiful do. The concept of what people think of beauty has changed over the centuries. Cleopatra with her too thick eyeliner, the Edwardians with their flouncy dresses the Victorians with there tall, stiff powdered wigs. All these things were considered beautiful. Some of them are still detested.

To be beautiful first you have to be yourself. Remember to love your body and skin for what it is and don’t over load your skin chemicals. Only people who are jealous of you will even TRY to bring you down. Most of the time theses people are self conscious aswell so don’t take any notice. You’re way cooler if you love yourself just the way you are than those people who go through billions of pounds on surgery to try to change themselves.

Love yourself for what you are…

Tia xoxox

Feeling Ignored?

Everyone has experienced being ignored at least once in their life, don’t worry people, if you’re feeling ignored, you’re not alone!

Being Ignored

So here are some tips on how to cope with that horrible feeling of being ignored:

Tip #1

It is important to acknowledge the person that is ignoring you. Is it a friend, a parent? Sometimes others like yourself have a lot of issues and it can sometimes backfire making the moody or making them ignore everyone. Is this person worth being patient for? True friends are worth the wait.

Tip #2

If you’ve chosen to be patient with this person head on to Tip#3. If you’ve chosen otherwise, stick to this tip first. Try and talk to this person, and find out what’s going on. Do this when you’re alone so that the person has the choice to listen to you, and if they do ignore you, no-one else will be there to see it. If you’re STILL willing to be patient send an e-mail or write a letter. Be sure to include how you’re feeling and how you want the situation to end.

Tip #3

If all the above have failed or you’ve decided you can no longer be patient, here’s one tip that could win them over. A little bit of a ‘taste of their own medicine’ couldn’t harm anyone, (as long as we’re speaking about just ignoring) if they were true friends It’ll only take a couple of hours of ignoring to win them over, but make sure you don’t prolong it, you don’t want to be as bad as them!

Tip #4

If your friend still hasn’t noticed you, or continues to ignore you, it may be that they just want to move on, so here’s what you can do, you can continue to be nice and speak time to time and a good way to forget everything that has happened is by overlooking your friends faults and thinking about all the good times you’ve had.

Hope this helped you guys, speak to you soon



(Edited by TJ)