♥ Delirium – Lauren Oliver ♥

This is going to be a review on the spine tingling awesome book by Lauren Oliver. I wanted to review Delirium because I just cannot wait to read the sequel which is called Pandemonium, and in my eyes, if you cant wait to read a book sequel it must mean the books good.

Delirium Cover

The Cover Of Delirium

Delirium, a dystopian world where when teenagers reach eighteen they receive a cure against love, or in their words amor deliria nervosa. A disease that every child is afraid of catching.  Something to be frightened and worried about. After the cure, they will not be capable of feeling strong feelings for anyone. They do not feel, and go on to live care free lives with someone they are paired with. They will not ever feel a strong desire, or love for something. They wont feel emotional pain. How could they, in a world where music and freedom is unheard of? They just live, empty soulless shells. Love for them is a disease, something contaminating. Something that should be stopped at all costs. No matter what price they have to pay.

Lena Haloway, an orphan living with her aunt an uncle is no different. She cannot wait for the cure, and is counting the days with her best friend Hana. She wants to be gone of the lure, the risk of love. The cure is what is expected, and that is what makes it right. This is what Lena believes in, this is all she knows.  After all, the disease could affect her at any minute and contaminate her. And how right is she for worrying. With only a few weeks before Lena takes the procedure she meets Alex.

Alex – The boy who wakes Lena up from the gray world she had been living in. Alex – A boy with eyes that sparkle, with secrets and a mysterious past. Alex – Who helped her realize that Love is not a disease, and that it does not need a cure.

Loving Alex is risky and dangerous, but beautiful and invigorating. Like a breath of fresh air, after years of being trapped in a dark basement. There are hazards around every corner, and with everything Lena has discovered her happiness seems to be rising, until it reaches a point where there is no choice. It has to go down.

The risks, the pain it is  all worth it – worth it for the love of her life Alex, who will be with her every step of the way.

But what if… What if he isn’t?


I love love LOVE this book! This is my first time reading a Lauren Oliver book, and I completely fell in love with her poetic way of writing. I have just got myself a copy of ‘Before I Fall’ which I will definitely be doing a review on soon! 🙂 Yay!

But anyway I rate this book – ***** 5/5 Yuup! I love it that much!

Make sure you borrow this book, or buy yourself a copy! You will love it, trust me!

For now, Arios Senoritas! Mwah!!


Tia :*


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